More Nintendo Switch Third-Party Games Confirmed

By | 11/11/2020



With next-gen consoles arriving this week, gamers have been assured that Nintendo Switch third-party games won’t be left in the cold.

Many developers other than Nintendo themselves have now found a welcome home with Switch.

Developers such as Bethesda have recently ported flagship titles like DOOM, Wolfenstein and Skyrim for Switch with more titles planned.

Other publishers like Capcom have also released their big brand games which include some Resident Evil installments and Devil May Cry.

Nintendo Switch Third-Party Games
Nintendo First-Party Titles Still Dominate Overall Sales

It has also been recently announced that surprise hit title Control will be coming to Switch via the use of game streaming.

Speaking at a Nintendo financial briefing, company President Shuntaro Furukawa stated that “other software publishers were planning to release a wide variety of games for Switch moving forward“.

While Furukawa-San didn’t directly state which developers and what games were planned, we can assume that there will be more of the same concerning ports.

Also, game streaming as such is the case with Control, opens up Switch to all sorts of possibilites.

Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

The fact that Nintendo is now allowing a lot more diversity of content and third-party releases for the machine can only mean good things.

For too long, Switch gamers were sold a handful of childish titles that could eventually put a limit on the number of sales for the machine.

Now that Nintendo has opened up and allowed more adult games to be released will result in more serious gamers possibly picking up a Switch as well.

This is evident in the huge increase of third-party sales for Switch that has occurred over the past few years.

Control for Nintendo Switch - Jesse Faden in Action
Control is Possible on Switch with Cloud Gaming

Since April 2017, third-party Switch game sales have increased at a steady 50% annually.

While the vast majority of game sales for Switch are Nintendo’s own titles, getting even more developers involved in porting for Switch will ensure that Switch stays around for much longer.

FYI – Nintendo Switch Boost Mode Removes CPU Speed Cap

The recent news that Control will be accessed via a game streaming app on Switch makes me hopeful that Nintendo certainly has plans to still compete.

Given that the Switch’s hardware is nowhere near the capability of a PS4 or Xbox One, never mind a next-gen console, this is a step in the right direction.

Skyrim for Nintendo Switch E3 Demo
Skyrim has been a Huge Success on Nintendo Switch

More or less any game can be run in HD on a Switch over game streaming as long as the user has a good and stable internet connection since game streaming doesn’t require much use of the device’s GPU.

Making the jump to game streaming will definitely ensure that Nintendo Switch is around for a little while longer, and Furukawa-San’s statement all but confirms that this is the plan.

To put it plainly, with game streaming available on the platform, there is absolutely no reason that any title could not be released for Nintendo Switch in the future.

With so many things happening for the machine right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if its already impressive sales figures increase, despite next-gen releases.

Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch - Arachnotron
DOOM Eternal is Another Successful Bethesda Game on Switch

With plenty of competition imminent, I would also expect a small, albeit welcome, price decrease of the machine.

Black Friday is also just around the corner so I would advise that you check those retailers.

What games are you hoping for on Switch and what do you think of game streaming Control, or in general?

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