Nintendo Switch Update 10.0.0 Adds Long-Awaited Features

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The latest version for Nintendo Switch Update 10 has just been released and adds some great new tools including Animal Crossing: New Horizons icons.

Usually, when a console system updates, there’s nothing really to shout about.

All hopes are dashed when gamers read a console version update article and are informed of the standard “Stability Improvements“.

However, every now and then, usually on a critical system version with a full number designation such as 4, 8 or 10, useful new features are implemented.

Nintendo Switch Update 10
Nintendo Switch Update 10

For example, The last Nintendo Switch update version was 9.2 released in March, was small and provided “General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience“.

Update 8 was the last key update and provided many new features that included sorting, new parental controls and save data management among others.

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Given that the last Nintendo Switch update version was 9.2, it seems that the console developers have been working on new features for some time and have decided to leap straight into 10.

Five weeks later and we have been given quite a substantial update that has addressed some key features for Switch users:

  • Internet Browser Bookmarks
  • Controller Remapping
  • Internal/External Data Transfer

Internet Browser Bookmarks

Bookmarking allows users to select up to a maximum of 300 pages to be stored in the browser and requires a working internet connection.

Nintendo Switch Bookmarks
Nintendo Switch Bookmarks

Controller Remapping

Joy-Con controller settings can now be changed and mapped according to personal preference.

Up to five custom controller profiles can be saved for Joy-Con R, Joy-Con L and the Switch Pro controller.

Nintendo Switch Lite controls can also be configured.

Custom Switch control profiles can be configured by going to System Settings and then Controllers and Sensors.

Nintendo Switch Controller Remapping
Nintendo Switch Controller Remapping

Internal/External Data Transfer

At long last, data between the internal system storage and external SD cards can be transferred back and forth.

Game DLC, software and updates can be transferred between media so extensive system backups can now essentially be made.

Nintendo Switch Data Transfer
Nintendo Switch Data Transfer

How Nintendo plans to implement anti-piracy measures with this system has not been detailed but it seems that might now have been made a little easier.

Other Features

Another feature includes the movement of the “Play Activity” option which has now been relocated from Friends Settings to its own “Play Activity Settings”.

As an added bonus, Switch gamers can now enjoy six new profile icons from Animal Crossings: New Horizons.

This latest Nintendo Switch update release date went live on 13 April and is now available to all Switch owners for free.

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6 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Update 10.0.0 Adds Long-Awaited Features

  1. Russ

    Hi Michael I really like your article and also your really cool looking website. My son is wanting a Nintendo switch at present so im doing a bit of research. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Russ.

      Thanks for commenting.

      You can use the Nintendo Switch category on the site to browse Switch articles, or you can use the search feature.

      Glad you like it and I hope you find what you are looking for.


  2. Simon

    I’ve been a bit tempted to buy one of these in the past, but what are the advantages over playing games on a smartphone with Android operating system?

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Simon.

      That’s a great question.

      While games on current generation smartphones are getting pretty good, they just aren’t designed with long term playing goals in mind; they are developed as “quick play” games that can pass the time on a bus ride for example.

      With Nintendo Switch, the device is treated by developers as a home console rather than a mobile device, even though it can function as a handheld machine.

      With that in mind, the games for Switch are created extremely professionally and are generally produced as AAA titles, with core gaming concepts at the heart of each development.

      Also, the Switch can function as a multiplayer gaming console with all the features one would expect such as multiplayer titles, challenging games, duels and MMORPGs.

      Because of the hardware in the machine, the Switch is also capable of HD gaming at 1080p and currently has some great looking games such as DOOM Eternal and the upcoming Crysis Remastered.

      Hope this helped.

      Thanks for commenting,


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