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By | 19/02/2019

Includes: Prestige System, New Game Modes and Black Market…

Operation Grand Heist DLC takes you to an outlaw town for some law-dodging, un-dead action, with new items, vehicles and game modes. Read on to find out more.



Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s latest DLC has gone live today for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PC update to come soon), and what a far cry from the usual CoD experience it is.

Set in Ghost Town, a lawless desert town where outlaws and cops alike settle scores the old way, Operation Grand Heist marks the beginning of a new Season in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, bringing with it a slew of content spanning the three currently available game modes (Multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout) including:

  • Powerful Weapons
  • Intriguing Characters
  • Stylish Vehicles
  • New Game Modes
  • Exciting Maps

Grand Heist also brings with it some other features including a brand new Prestige System for the toughest players who want to go beyond level caps and a Black Market system for some exclusive contraband gear.

Check out the official trailer:

Please note that not all content is free and some content requires a Season Pass in order to access.


Powerful Weapons

Call of Duty games are never short of a few weapons and Grand Heist adds even more:

Switchblade X9; a drum clip, fast reload sub machine gun.

Rampage; a fully automatic shotgun.

Cha Ching; a bag full of coins that can be used as a melee weapon.

The update also includes some great skins for existing weapons.

Operation Grand Heist Blackjack


Intriguing Characters

Returning character Outrider enters the fray.

Equipped with a pilotable drone named Hawk, Outrider can be used to locate and tag enemies.

Operation Grand Heist Outrider

For a more up close and personal combat situation, Outrider can use her Sparrow bow which comes equipped with explosive arrow.


Stylish Vehicles

Muscle Car; modern classic muscle car for making a quick getaway.

SUV; fast paced 4 wheel drive for navigating desert terrain.

PBR; quick Police patrol boat perfect for catching up across bodies of water.


New Game Modes

Death Con Five; survive the Zombie gauntlet “Classified” in the Pentagon with 30 new challenges.

Hot Pursuit; a new “Cops and Robber” respawn mode which sees players looking for loot and cash in order to win.


Exciting Maps (Pass Holders)

Lockup; pick a side as attackers or defenders of a L.A police station, utilizing both the rooftops and lower areas to your advantage to secure the area.

Casino; stop a gang of thieves trying to escape with the house takings, causing mayhem in a beautiful Monaco casino resort.

Operation Grand Heist Casino


Prestige System

Get ready to level up past Echelon 80 and Prestige 10 times all the while unlocking exclusive Prestige Icons, Calling Cards, Victory Coins and more.


The Black Market

Blackjack has returned to the Black Market for all your contraband needs.

Operation Grand Heist Blackjack

100 tiers of Black Market bring new weapons, Specialist outfits and characters. Blackjack can also provide Signature Weapons which will provide a 25% XP kill boost and reactive camouflage for various weapons.


Future Content

There is also more content planned for this Season over the next few months into the Summer including more weapons, maps and game modes.


See more information on the official website: https://www.treyarch.com/blog/2019-02/operation_grand_heist_overview


A Sandy Departure from the Usual, In a Good Way

A refreshingly different DLC for Black Ops 4 for sure, with a desert town theme and Cops and Robbers gameplay.

While Operation Grand Heist may not be the usual CoD style of update, all the familiar gameplay elements are there, with the excellent weapons and characters additions you would expect.

New game modes and revamps of old ones are sure to keep you coming back with your friends all the while trying to earn the amazing new Black Market items and pushing past Echelon 80.

This new Black Ops 4 DLC is a welcome addition and more great content for the Season is planned, so check back here for all the latest details when the new content is released.

Thanks for reading and have fun in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Grand Heist.

Take care for now,
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