Play Diablo for Free Through Your Web Browser

By | 31/07/2019
Play Diablo for Free In Your Web Browser



A group of professional coders has brought the classic D&D PC game to web browsers by porting the code making the legendary title playable almost anywhere.

The classic Dungeons and Dragons fantasy game Diablo has been made available to play via desktop web browsers thanks to a small and dedicated team of fans.

Access to the game is restricted to the shareware version of Diablo, however, if you own the full game then you can also access that version through your web browser by dragging and dropping certain game files into it.

Upcoming Diablo Immortal Gameplay Trailer

The team at Rivsoft, who has also worked on mainstream Blizzard projects, has ported the code of the game for web browser use which also apparently retains bugs from the original version.

For players looking for a quick Diablo experience, the shareware version reportedly provides around 20 minutes of the excellent D&D gameplay that Diablo is known for.

Diablo Screenshot 01

Diablo was developed by NetEase game and was published under Blizzard Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment for release in 1996.

Since then, Diablo has become a legendary game in its own right and has spawned many sequels and expansions.

Set in the fictional fantasy world of Sanctuary, Diablo has gamers playing out an epic battle between good and evil, humans and demons.

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Diablo offers a traditional D&D experience with players battling it out in maze-like dungeons with characters such as archers, sorcerers, and warriors against foes such as goblins and the undead.

What made Diablo special was its true representation of Dungeons and Dragons, experienced via the medium of computer gaming, which transports the D&D experience from the imagination of the player, to right in front of their eyes.

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The game’s sequels continue the ever complex story and to this day Diablo games are still being released as we have seen with Diablo III: Rise of The Necromancer and the upcoming Diablo Immortal.

Diablo III: Click to enlarge…

To this day, Diablo remains one of the gaming industry’s most iconic games and has sold over 24 million copies.

Diablo is available now from and the free shareware version is available at

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