PlayStation Productions Confirms Twisted Metal TV Show

By | 24/05/2019
Twisted Metal TV Show

New TV Show to be Based on the Popular Vehicular Combat Game

Following earlier news this week that a newly formed department of Sony Entertainment, PlayStation Productions would be bringing video game based TV shows and movies, the studio has confirmed one of the first TV shows will be Twisted Metal.

Twisted Metal is a legendary PlayStation title that pits players against each other in nightmarish weaponized road vehicles.

The tournament organized by a demonic individual known as Calypso grants the winner their most desired wish, unbeknownst to the winner that this is in exchange for their soul.

Twisted Metal Calypso

The game has had various sequels and widely regarded as a classic.

One of the things that stood out with Twisted Metal was that for such a simple game, there was a deep underlying story with richly detailed character biographies.

There were also different endings and cut scenes based upon whichever character was played throughout the story, all of which ended with merciless action from Calypso.

The tone of the game was very 1990’s and for people who grew up in the 90’s may remember the somber tone of the time, with Twisted Metal being very heavily influenced by movies such as The Crow.

If PlayStation Productions manages to capture the original tone of the game, make it their own and develop the characters such as the game did, I think this might be an excellent TV show to start off with, especially given the current popularity of movies such as Death Race and Fast and Furious.

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