PlayStation Server Status Offline for Father’s Day

By | 17/06/2019
PlayStation Server Status Offline



Bad news for gaming Dad’s as PlayStation server status goes offline for Father’s Day this year, putting a downer on many gaming Fathers’ weekend gaming plans.

Any father expecting to have a relaxing day playing some online games may have had their day ruined by what seems like an unfortunate event.

Some regions experienced a complete network failure for Father’s Day yesterday when trying to access online components of PlayStation 4.

Not all areas experienced a full failure state for all components, with some regions experiencing only minor outages such as Account Management issues, while others had issues with several or all services.

Services affected included:

  • Account Management
  • Gaming and Social
  • PlayStation Now
  • PlayStation Video
  • PlayStation Vue
  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation Music

The Father’s Day service failure comes only days after users also experienced severe PSN issues last week also.

PlayStation Network outages are thankfully rare, however it does happen and for some reason, always seems to happen when I really want to play something.

I have recently purchased Anthem for £25 during Sony’s current “Days of Play” sale and was really in the mood for exploring the beautiful world of Bastion in my sleek Interceptor Javelin on Thursday night, but was unable to get online.

No official word from Sony has been released on what caused the outage however some users are worried that it could have been a repeat of 2011’s disaster.

Eight years ago, the PlayStation Network went down for a whopping 23 days as Sony repaired the damage from a devastating cyber attack.

For the two days between April 17 and April 19, approximately 77 million PSN accounts were compromised from which sensitive and personal information was stolen via an intrusion data breach.

The notorious and extremely talented and persistent hacking group Anonymous were reportedly responsible for the intrusion.

Anonymous have claimed responsibility for hacking some of the highest security servers including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Since the attack, Sony has worked hard on providing constant security updates to PlayStation users to ensure this never happens again.

As of now, all functionality has been restored to the PlayStation Network for the entire suite of services in all regions.

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2 thoughts on “PlayStation Server Status Offline for Father’s Day

  1. Savannah

    Hey there! Wow! Before reading your post I never knew that hacking could be done on such a huge scale! I’ve heard on individualized identity theft, but millions? That’s pretty scary! My brother was pretty bummed about the server being down on Father’s Day too :/ I hope everything is back to normal!

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Savannah, thanks for commenting.

      This was a major issue for Sony back then.

      I am surprised you didn’t know about it, it was all over the international news networks.

      Sony did manage to have most of the compromised details removed from the internet and they handled the whole affair quite well.

      As for being down this weekend, it was a bummer. I had plans my self as most of the time I only get to play at the weekend.

      Although I am not a Father (that I know of :D) so my day wasn’t completely ruined.



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