PlayStation Store PS3 Games to be Removed from Web-Based Sale

By | 19/10/2020



Changes to the online services mean that PlayStation Store PS3 games, PSP and Vita will all no longer be available.

All gamers with a PlayStation account have been sent emails highlighting the new changes that come into effect this week.

The email states that PlayStation 3 games, PSP games and Vita games will not be available for purchase from either the PlayStation Store app or website.

Related apps, avatars and themes are also set to be removed, as well as the very popular Wishlist tool.

PlayStation Store PS3 Games to be Removed from Web Based Sale
PlayStation Store was a Hub for all PlayStation Systems

Sony has states however that games for the older systems will still be available via the PlayStation Store on each console individually.

Apps, themes and avatars will only be available for purchase using a PS4.

The removal of Wishlists has been a source of some concern with gamers who use the tool as a means of alert for the best PlayStation game deals.

PlayStation 3
PS3 Games are Still Popular but Will No Longer be Available via Web or App

PlayStation Store is currently a little slow and cumbersome to navigate, so the Wishlists feature actually takes away having to constantly check for deals.

The feature allows gamers to place games on a list which will alert them when any of the games on the list are available at a discount.

FYI – PlayStation Digital Games Removed from Real World Stores

In today’s mobile phone economy, it’s needless to say that many gamers rely on checking Wishlists through the PlayStation Store app.

PlayStation Store
PlayStation Store Changes Come into Effect This Week

Sony has yet to comment on why they have removed such features but it might possibly be due to a redesign in order to integrate better with the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Some gamers have pointed out that they believe the removal of Wishlists is an attempt by Sony to force users to scroll through deals in order to possibly sell more games.

Whatever the reasons, the updates are set to take effect between October 21 and October 28.

2 thoughts on “PlayStation Store PS3 Games to be Removed from Web-Based Sale

  1. Ivan

    I seems like everything is changing with the upcoming release of Play Station 5. I don’t understand why they’re making these changes. Perhaps some people are right. Maybe Sony is trying to make users to purchase as much items as possible before they close this feature entirely. In any case, this was very useful article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Ivan.

      This is a strange change by Sony since it appears that a lot of people still actively use the app and website to browse PS3 games and the removal of Wishlists seems crazy. That has really rubbed some gamers the wrong way.

      I understand not wanting to promote older stuff when a new console is being released, but removing a widely used feature seems very strange. I think PS5 may have lost some sales there.



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