Pokemon Future Games Announced [NEWS SPECIAL]

By | 29/05/2019
Pokemon Future Games Pokemon Sleep

Plus: Detective Pikachu Game and Cloud Storage and Trade…

Pokemon future games announced at Pokemon Press Conference 2019 include two new mobile games, Detective Pikachu game and a new cloud based storage and trade system.

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In our Pokemon special today we have some recent Pokemon developments.

Today’s News Headlines:

  • Two New Pokemon Mobile Games Announced
  • Detective Pikachu Game Announced for Nintendo Switch
  • New Pokemon Cloud Based Storage Revealed

Two New Pokemon Mobile Games Announced

Two brand new Pokemon games have just been announced for mobile devices.

Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Masters are being released soon by the Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Future Games Pokemon Sleep

Announced during a recent Pokemon Press Conference, the two new games were revealed and it has been confirmed that they are mobile games.

While there aren’t many details yet, it has been stated that Pokemon Sleep will track users’ sleeping habits and “provide a new form of game play…“, whatever that may mean.

Being developed by Select Button, the game aims to reward good sleeping routines, presumably by rewarding players with Pokemon and/or items for the game.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is also confirmed to be involved in the project so we can assume that Pokemon Sleep may be an expansion or partner app for Pokemon Go.

Sleeping habits are to be tracked using a device called the Pokemon Go Plus+.

The device works with the game using pedometer and accelerometer interface via BlueTooth with Smartphones.

The second new mobile game that has been confirmed is Pokemon Masters.

The game will feature past and present Pokemon Trainers from the series such as Misty and Lance and will allow players to fight against them.

Pokemon Future Games Pokemon Masters

Classic Pokemon such as Pikachu and characters such as Brock will also be available to play.

Apart from those basic pieces of information that’s pretty much all that is currently known about Pokemon Masters.

However, even though there isn’t a lot of information on either of these, Pokemon Masters is great news for players who like Pokemon and want a great Pokemon experience but do not own a Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Sleep is set for launch in 2020 for Android and iOS while Pokemon Masters is scheduled for a 2019 launch for the same mobile devices.

Detective Pikachu Game Announced for Nintendo Switch

More gaming news from Pokemon as Detective Pikachu is set to get a game release.

Based on the recent movie of the same name, it appears that The Pokemon Company wants to give Nintendo Switch players the Pikachu treatment.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

The game is apparently related to the Nintendo 3DS game Detective Pikachu, but it hasn’t yet been confirmed if it will be a direct sequel or a ported remake.

Detective Pikachu has recently enjoyed some commercial success in a Box Office release starring Ryan Reynolds as everyone’s favorite yellow Pokemon.

There are no actual details on the game yet, not even the story so we don’t know exactly what the developers have planned.

We will have more news on this as soon as it is available.

New Pokemon Cloud Based Storage Revealed

In more Pokemon news, it has been announced that The Pokemon Company are going to provide a new cloud based storage system for all Pokemon related games.

Named Pokemon Home, the system sounds like an upgraded version of the current 3DS Pokemon Bank.

Pokemon Home

While Pokemon Bank only allows the storage of Pokemon for use on the 3DS console, it appears that Pokemon Home will allow the transfer of Pokemon between different games and devices.

From what we currently know, the confirmed compatible games include Pokemon Go, Pokemon Let’s Go; Pikachu, Pokemon Let’s Go; Eevee and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

An excellent feature that has been confirmed however is that Pokemon Home will allow the trade of Pokemon in a local or global system.

There is currently no indication that the system will cost any money however given that Pokemon Bank isn’t free, I wouldn’t hold out much hope.

Pokemon Home is scheduled for release in 2020.

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4 thoughts on “Pokemon Future Games Announced [NEWS SPECIAL]

  1. Kayin

    I have always been a big fan of Pokemon since the red and blue version. I am 26 years this year and I still play it like it’s the best game ever!

    Definitely going to try the newer ones as well.

    Thanks for the article by the way, awesome content.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Kayin.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Pokemon seems to be exploding at the moment, and a Red and Blue remake would be awesome. It is indeed one of the best.


  2. Mia

    Thanks for this info, Michael. I’m so excited for the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game to come out. Between the three games you announced, is there any one in particular that you are most excited about? And if so, how come? Would be curious to hear your personal preference.
    Looking forward as well to seeing your reviews on these games for when they come out.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Mia.

      Thanks for your comments.

      I’m very excited my self.

      I’m more excited about Pokemon Masters since it doesn’t require a Nintendo Switch.

      Although I have a Switch, I’m always on my tablet so I can play Pokemon on this when Masters comes out.

      This is also great news for many people who like Pokemon but don’t have a Switch.

      Thank you for your great comments,


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