Red Dead Online 1.06 Update Brings New Weapons and Clothing

By | 26/02/2019

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Plus: Emotes, New Game Modes and Bonus Content…

We finally have some new content with Red Dead Online 1.06 update which brings with it a bounty of clothing, items and game modes, including Fishing Challenges, game improvements and anti griefing measures.



Red Dead Online has been updated to version 1.06 this week, and brings some big changes and new content to the game:

  • New Game Modes and Challenges
  • Brand New Weapons
  • Fresh Clothing
  • Emotes
  • Bonuses
  • Game Fixes/Feature Updates

PlayStation 4 players can also get some early access bonuses.  

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The first new content has been released for the game in the form of powerful new weapons like the Rare Shotgun and new clothing items such as the Diamondback snake hat.


New Weapons – More Stopping Power

Some weapons have been released into the game today.

Please note that Rockstar Games does not label which items are new and which are not, and as such I may list some items that may not necessarily be new to Red Dead Online, while I may have missed some that are.

Not all are as simple to find as they really should be.

Rare Shotgun – Style with Substance

First of all, if you open the Wheeler and Rawson catalogue, you will notice a new “Unique Weapons” available for selection. In here you will find the Rare Shotgun.

Red Dead Online Rare Shotgun

The Rare Shotgun is a shorter version of the D.D Packenbush Longarm Double Barrel Shotgun, and can be customized at the Gunsmith when purchased for $258.

Stats for the Rare Shotgun are as follows:

  • Damage – 65%
  • Range – 40%
  • Fire Rate – 65%
  • Accuracy – 35%

Jawbone Knife – A Savage Weapon Indeed

The Jawbone Knife is a jawbone handled knife containing a sharpened piece of flint. It is the same weapon that is available in Red Dead Redemption II story mode.

This knife cannot be purchased from a weapons vendor and must be purchased from the fence at St. Denis.


New Clothing – Look the Part    

A lot of clothing has been added with this update as well as more customization options for existing clothing such as colour patterns.

Note that some items are labelled as “Coming Soon”.

Hats – Mirror Your Wealth on Your Head

Some of the more numerous additions which have come with this update are hats that can be worn by your character.

These include:

  • Squat Stovepipe Top Hat; Armadillo carapace long hat – 3 Gold Bars. COMING SOON
  • Gator Hat; an  Alligator skin hat with tooth adornments – $158.75. COMING SOON
  • Manteca Hat; an Iguana skin hat with a studded leather band – $141.25. COMING SOON
  • Diamondback Hat; includes a real Snake’s head – $135.25.
  • Varmint Hat; adorned with a Rat’s head and patterned with rat tails – $95.
  • Kennedy Hat; a pinched crown hat with ornate buckling – £139.25.
  • Feathered Flop Hat; a Cougar pelt hat adorned with a feather cluster – $117.50.
  • Cavalier Hat; a felt hat with a broad brim, with an attached Ostrich feather – $152.
  • Owanjila Hat; a Beaver fur hat with a wide band – $119.50. COMING SOON
  • Gardenia Hat; an Alligator Skin Sun hat with a floral adornment – 6 Gold Bars. COMING SOON

Click to enlarge and view hats…

Jackets and Coats – A Man About Town or a Rugged Outdoorsman?

Jackets and coats are some of the best looking clothing items in RDO and some more great looking articles have been added.

  • Marshall Coat; a heavy duty coat with lots of custom options – $149.75.
  • Benbow Jacket; a rugged outdoor jacket – $72.75. COMING SOON
  • Hartman Jacket; a stylish double-breasted jacket – $63.75.
  • Porter Jacket; a formal cropped jacket with slit pockets and lined cuffs – $83. COMING SOON
  • Winter Shotgun Coat; a thick coat designed for cold climates – 133.25. COMING SOON
  • Hunter Jacket; single-breasted and panel-backed fashionable long jacket – $171.50.
  • Morning Tail Coat; a formal coat made from velvet, tweed or satin – $87.75. COMING SOON

Click to enlarge and view new jackets…

Shirts – Complete the Look

A good shirt can make or break an outfit. A couple of new ones have been added into the game.

  • Bibbed Shirt; a stylish stand collar and button up bib combination shirt – $27.75.
  • Side Collar Shirt; an understated every day shirt – $30.

Red Dead Online New Shirts

Vests – You’re Not a Gentleman Without One

The perfect accompaniment to  a good shirt, vests are both stylish and useful, no matter what the occasion.

  • Rutledge Vest; a fur trimmed vest with a decorative breast panel – $180.
  • Ortega Vest; an Alligator and Snake skin paneled vest with Alligator tooth toggle buttons – $131. COMING SOON

Red Dead Online New Vests

Pants – Cover those Legs

No one likes to see men walking the streets with no pants. Luckily there are some new additions to the catalogue.

  • Concho Pants; leather and fabric pants with embroidery adornments – $41.25. COMING SOON
  • Tied Pants; studded and stitched pants available in leather and buckskin – $42.75. COMING SOON
  • Corduroy Pants; straight legged pants with a studded waistband and seams – $27.75.

Red Dead Online New Pants

Boots – Don’t Let Someone Wear These or You Will be Judged

The world can be a harsh place and you don’t want to be a lone wanderer with no foot protection. New boots are now in stock.

  • Comstock Boots; traditional Cowhide boots also available in Snake skin – 2 Gold Bars.
  • Strickland Boots; hand decorated traditional Cowhide boots also available in Snake and Alligator skin – 3 Gold Bars. COMING SOON
  • Millard Boots; tough leather boots designed for colder climates – $61.25.
  • Darned Stockings; traditional striped stockings – 2 Gold Bars. COMING SOON.

Click to enlarge and view new boots…

Chaps – Hey Cowboy

Some pants and boots are too nice to get roughed up, protect them with some stylish chaps.

  • Becker Half Chaps; traditional button up half chaps – $38.
  • Weathered Half Chaps; thick hide chaps – $52.
  • Pelt Half Chaps; Fox and Coyote half chaps wrapped with woven rope – $ Gold Bars. COMING SOON

Gloves – Style Over Substance

Sometimes practical, sometimes a necessity, gloves can provide protection from both hand blisters when on the farm, or prevent you having to touch the lower classes when swanning around St. Denis.

  • Woodland Gloves; stitched fingerless gloves with a fur lining – 4 Gold Bars. COMING SOON
  • Arkwright Gloves; two-tone fingerless gloves lined with rabbit fur and elegant stitching – $67.25.
  • Furred Gloves; lambskin gloves lined with Wolf fur – $78. COMING SOON

Red Dead Online New Gloves


Emotes – Show that You Care, Or Not  

Share your displeasure of something or simply act out your sheer enjoyment up there with the best of the Thespians. New emotes have been added into the game.

Dramatic Actions

  • Prospector Jig
  • Hell Yeah


Greetings and Receptions

  • Good to See You
  • Tough Guy Nod
  • Fancy Bow


Emotional Reactions

  • Point and Laugh
  • Who, Me?
  • Yeehaw
  • Weep
  • Gag


Taunts and Jeers

  • You Gonna Cry?
  • Bring it On



Plenty of new game modes have been added, sure to reinvigorate the game and add more fun ways to earn some cold hard cash, gold and XP.

Fool’s Gold    

New Free Roam event where teams fight to take down the wearer of a golden suit of armour.

Fishing Challenges    

Compete to catch the total combined weight of fish to win the challenge.

Target Races    

Compete on horseback to hit the most targets with guns or a bow and arrow with limited ammunition and arrows.



As an added incentive to take part in the Red Dead Online BETA, log in any time between now and March 5th for the following bonus items:

  • 2x Potent Snake Oil
  • 2x Potent Bitters
  • 2x Potent Miracle Tonic
  • 2x Horse Reviver
  • 2x Potent Horse Stimulant
  • 8x Poison Arrows
  • 10x Explosive Slug

The bonus items will be delivered to your camp’s lockbox or can be picked up at the post office.




A whole host of gameplay fixes have been implemented in order to improve the experience and overall stability of the game.

Player Visibility

The distance of your radar blip visibility has been decreased, making the world just that little bit safer for you.

Bounty Hunters and Law

NPC Bounty Hunters will now be dispatched to take you down if you repeatedly cause trouble around the states.

Parleys and Feuding

Start a death match with other players to settle scores. 

Daily Challenges

Complete your 7 random daily challenges to earn high amounts of gold and XP.

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There is a lot of new content in this brand new Red Dead Online BETA update to version 1.06.

From the onslaught of clothing items that have been released today and set for roll out over the coming weeks, such as stylish hats, jackets and gloves to new weapons like the Rare Shotgun, we have gotten just a little taste of what Red Dead Online updates may be like.

The new game modes, Fool’s Gold and Fishing Challenges especially are likely to be very popular as a great distraction from the story and just hunting and fishing.

The anti griefing methods and incentives that Rockstar have implemented in this update are sure to be welcomed.

The addition of NPC Bounty Hunters might quell some unsavory players, however this will all depend on how tough the Bounty Hunters are, and whether the players are even bothered buy this. On the other hand, a decrease in detectable blip distance on the radar is great news, as griefers may no longer cross vast distances just to kill you.

You can see full details of this week’s Red Dead Online events at the official Rockstar Games Update Page:

I would love to hear what you think of this week’s discounts in this Red Dead Online update, and what you think is coming next. So, please share your thoughts on RDO in the comments section below.

The coming weeks could see some big updates coming to the RDO BETA version ahead of a full version release sometime this Spring, so keep playing as it is highly likely that Rockstar Games will be rewarding players for taking part in important parts of the BETA.

Thanks for reading and have fun in Red Dead Online.

Take care for now, Michael – Editor/Owner, ChartX Games.

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