Red Dead Online Naturalist Role Now Available

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After a long delay in updates thanks to Coronavirus, a new Red Dead Online Naturalist Role is now available to play.

The DLC went live yesterday and this time around expands upon the game’s excellent open-world hunting mechanic.

While this is a new DLC for Online Mode, a lot of the features have essentially been imported from Story Mode.

The use of a Trapper who can make unique clothing and trinkets for example are nothing new to Story Mode veterans.

Legendary Animals are now also available in Online Mode and can provide you with unique clothing.

Red Dead Online Naturalist Role
Red Dead Online Naturalist Role – Harriet and Gus

Some new characters have been introduced who will help you on your quest for animal understanding.

Harriet Davenport has items available that can help you track Legendary wildlife across the states.

Harriet wants to study the animals rather than kill them and she will pay for animal samples.

Harriet has a shack in various locations similar to Madam Nazaar and will sell items to you as your Naturalist role XP progresses.

Red Dead Online Harriet Davenport Location
Red Dead Online Naturalist Role – Harriet’s Location

The Sample Kit is necessary to progress as a Naturalist and will set you back 25 Gold.

Other necessary items include the Animal Field Guide and the Legendary Animal map and will cost cash.

Harriet has other items such as the new Sedative Bullets and animal revivers which are vital for the humane study of animals.

In stark contrast to Harriet, you can visit Gus, a veteran hunter with Trapper skills who will pay for animal skins.

Red Dead Online Moonstone Coat
Red Dead Online Naturalist Role – Moonstone Coat from Gus

Gus has stores dotted throughout the states and he can produce unique items and clothing if you provide him with the necessary ingredients.

A legendary wolf for example can produce the Moonstone coat, or he can provide customization for the new Improved Bow.

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Gus can also make Trinkets that can provide buffs and special statuses such as double harvest yield or better animal skin quality.

As with other roles, there are tons of new items and upgrades as you progress through the Naturalist Role XP.

Red Dead Online Naturalist Role Saddle
Red Dead Online Naturalist Role – New Saddle and Items

These include the expected new horses, a new outfit, gloves, belts and buckles.

Other items include Eagle Eye upgrades for finding Legendary Animals, new online modes and pamphlets centered around hunting.

However, one of the most interesting is the long-awaited Wilderness Camp that will let you set up camp anywhere on the map.

This allows you to rest, craft and cook anywhere however cannot be accessed until Naturalist level 5 and will cost $750.

Red Dead Online Naturalist Role Wilderness Camp
Red Dead Online Naturalist Role – Wilderness Camp

There are of course new weapons and items in the game including the ridiculous Elephant Rifle for the largest of animals.

Collectors will also be happy to learn that there are new collections that can be turned in to Madam Nazaar.

Coastal Shells, Oceanic Shells and Megafauna Fossils can all be found in the world and traded for cash.

Note that these do however require a Metal Detector from the Collector Role.

Red Dead Online Elephant Rifle
Red Dead Online Elephant Rifle

Another Outlaw’s Pass has also been introduced with this new update and will cost a whopping 40 Gold.

Outlaw’s Pass 3 upgrades the traditional Wheeler and Rawson Outlaw’s Pass and provides additional and unique items.

It is worth noting though that you will get your 40 Gold back as a reward for completing the Outlaw’s Pass 3.

Yet again the world of Red Dead Online has become that little bit richer and bringing some of the great Story Mode features is very welcome.

Red Dead Online Outlaw's Pass 3
Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass Number 3

Expanding again on hunting has made hunting even more relevant and provided some welcome context to the world rather than aimlessly killing animals.

The paywall might be a little high in order to access all of this DLC’s content but playing the game’s various modes and daily challenges will grant good amounts of Gold.

The Red Dead Online Naturalist Role is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

2 thoughts on “Red Dead Online Naturalist Role Now Available

  1. Lemuel Sacop

    Hello and while I am not really much into PC games, I still played a lot in my younger days. I am into survival horror games though.

    I still find this review about Red Dead Online Naturalist Role very interesting, which has animals hunting mechanics and open world. I played hunting games in my android phone before.

    I literally watched some videos in youtube how the game works and the graphics. I experienced playing DLCs too before with Dead Space trilogy.

    Nonetheless, I really liked how you presented this article and included the new characters, new mechanics, game elements, new weapons, the cost, upgrade mechanics, etc.

    It looks like this will be an enjoyable and immersing hunting game that I would like to try in the future.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Lemuel.

      Rockstar really keeps pushing the expansion of hunting in this game, which is, to be fair, excellent and great fun.

      It’s a great way to make money in the game and very genuine in terms of people’s attitude towards hunting at that time period.

      While the Naturalist role may be worth the 25 Gold, the Outlaw Pass is definitely not worth 40 and to benefit most from this DLC will cost 65 Gold which equates to £26 if you were to purchase the Gold Bars.

      I recommend putting some time into the game and saving some Gold in order to top up with real cash.



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