Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Free Money, Legendary Bounty, Collector’s Event and More…

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The latest Red Dead Online weekly update adds a new Legendary Bounty, Free Roam event for Collector’s, $200 free cash, a new weapon and various completion rewards.

Red Dead Online’s update this week brings another excellent Legendary Bounty for budding Bounty Hunters.

There’s also a new Collector’s Free Roam event, a new weapon and some generous bonuses.

Following last week’s hunt for the Wolf Man, this week requires Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters to track down and bring in the Owlhoot Family, dead or alive.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - The Owlhoot Family

A brutal gang of maniacs who operate by preying on vulnerable travelers, the Owlhoot Family are known to work around the Rio Bravo and Benedict Pass areas.

Bounty Hunters should be aware that there are multiple targets for this latest Legendary Bounty so some help and a Bounty Wagon may be required.

Once these reprobates have been brought to justice, the Owlhoot Family Legendary Bounty will be available to replay at a higher difficulty level for a higher payout.

Please note that a Bounty Hunter license is required to take part in Legendary Bounties.

Collectors may also be happy to know that there is a new Free Roam event available as of this week.

Aptly titled “Condor Egg”, the new event will have keen Collectors looking to the sky for the giant California Condor in order to take one of their coveted eggs.

Red Dead Online California Condor

It won’t be as simple as that though as unscrupulous rivals and bandits will be looking for the egg also, and once you have it, you will need to protect it.

Be on the lookout for an invite to this event while playing in Free Roam.

Please note that a Collector Rank 4 is required to take part in any Collector Free Roam events.

Always looking to supply nefarious Black Market items, fences across the states now have access to a simple yet intimidating weapon, the Hunter Hatchet.

The Hunter Hatchet is a single-edged bladed weapon made for doing one thing only, and you don’t want to be the one to find out what.

Red Dead Online Hunter Hatchet

Capable of going through flesh and bone like a hot Lance through animal fat, what the Hunter Hatchet lacks in elegance it makes up for in practicality.

There are also some free items and bonuses made available this week.

Everyone who plays Red Dead Online will be granted a free $200.

Also, in order to encourage participation in the new events, anyone who takes down the Owlhoot Family will be gifted 5 Tomahawks for free.

Taking part in Free Roam events, including “Condor Egg”, will net players a red and black variant of the Fuentes Poncho.

So to sum up, here’s a list of this week’s updates:

  • The Owlhoot Family Legendary Bounty, for which you will receive 5 Tomahawks for completion.
  • “Condor Egg” Free Roam Collector event that will award a black and red Fuentes Poncho.
  • A new Hunter Hatchet available from fences in Saint Denis, Emerald Ranch, Van Horn and Rhodes.
  • A free $200 log in bonus just for playing the game.

Be aware that the new Legendary Bounty and bonus gifts are available for this week only, until October 7th.

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4 thoughts on “Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Free Money, Legendary Bounty, Collector’s Event and More…

  1. Raff

    Hey Michael,

    I’ve been eyeing this game up since its release while still working on God of War and Assasin’s Creed Odyssey. (I know, I’m way behind) your write-ups on all the updates that come out are making itch to make the jump to it.

    So many games so little time!

    1. Ivan Brozincevic

      LOL, I agree with you about the last one. I haven’t played games for a long time, but it looks like that’s going to be over soon. Red Dead is a game that shows up wherever I look. It’s time to see what’s up. Thanks for sharing updates, Michael!

      1. Michael Gore Post author

        Red Dead Redemption is everywhere at the moment, especially thanks to the recent announcement of a PC version on the way in November.

        Glad you like the updates Ivan.


    2. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Sharon, thanks for commenting.

      Now would be a great time to dive into RDR 2 as the online component of the game has had some major improvements.

      The new Frontier Pursuits DLC is amazing and adds 3 career options:

      – Bounty Hunter
      – Collector
      – Trader

      All of these are great fun and R* keeps adding new elements to these as well.

      That being said, like other big AAA titles, this will consume all of your time. Be warned. ­čśÇ



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