Red Dead Online Weekly Update: New Legendary Bounty, Role Awards and Heavy Discounts

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Some great perks to the current Red Dead Online weekly update as there’s a new Legendary Bounty, discounts on role essential items and free role-specific gifts.

Continuing the current drip-feed of Frontier Pursuits, this week’s Red Dead Online update adds even more to the persistent online world.

The fifth Legendary Bounty is now available for seasoned Bounty Hunters as well as free items for players in each role.

There’s also some new additions for Xbox One gamers, variants of Free Aim modes and some very generous discounts applied to in-game items.

Licensed Bounty Hunters across the states this week have the opportunity to track down and apprehend wanted arsonist Cecil D. Tucker.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty Cecil D Tucker

A known associate of the notorious Lemoyne Raiders, Tucker has been spotted around St. Denis and is wanted Dead or Alive.

Not to be underestimated by his stature, Tucker is considered extremely dangerous and is accused of both arson and murder.

Wanted for the horrific act of burning children alive in their sleep, Cecil D. Tucker is now available as a prime target for all Licensed Bounty Hunters at all major Bounty Boards across the five states.

Note: Once this Legendary Bounty has been completed it can be undertaken further at increased difficulty levels that will earn higher payouts.

Red Dead Online Roles

There’s great news for Frontier Pursuits role-specific players this week as all roles will be granted free items to help in their endeavors.

Bonuses to items this week include discounts to the following:

  • Bounty Hunter Reinforced Lasso
  • Collector Field Shovel
  • Trader Stew Pot
  • Guns and Ammunition

Plus there are some free gifts available to players in specific roles as well as Role-specific Daily Challenge perks.

Bounty Hunters will receive five tracking arrows, traders are to be awarded five potent bait packages for both herbivores and predators while collectors will be gifted three collectible coins to be traded with Madam Nazar.

For the more dedicated role players, competing a three day Daily Challenge streak for role-specific tasks will award a variant of the stylish Folwell Hat.

For players who are just starting out in a new role, or even for experienced players who haven’t gotten around to acquiring a specific item, all novice level role items are running at a 25% discount this week.

Red Dead Online Novice Role Items

These include essential items such as the Field Shovel from Madam Nazar, the Bounty Hunter’s Reinforced Lasso available from any Gunsmith and the Camper’s Stew Pot for your camp.

The Field Shovel is a must-have item for any Collector, novice or otherwise.

A recognized tool of the trade, the Field Shovel will allow the uncovering of buried collectibles that can be found all over the world.

A Reinforced Lasso is an essential tool in the arsenal of any Bounty Hunter.

Its durability will prevent targets from breaking free of its knots, in turn providing peace of mind when having to undertake multiple bounties should a Bounty Wagon not be available.

Any Traders out there will know the importance of a Stew Pot for their camp.

Venturing out into the Wilderness to produce raw materials for Cripps can be dangerous, time-consuming and an assault on stamina, health and Dead Eye.

The Stew Pot will provide any Trader with hearty recipes capable of yielding Gold Cores that can mean the difference between life and death.

Red Dead Online Sporting Goods and Guns

Throughout this week also, dedicated patrons of the Sporting Goods and Guns Department can take advantage of a hefty 50% discount on the following items:

  • Pistols
  • Revolvers
  • Repeaters
  • Shotguns
  • Rifle Ammunition

In addition, any players who have connected their Twitch Prime account to Rockstar Social Club will receive an extra 10% off this week’s Role discounts.

Note: If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime then you are eligible for a free Twitch Prime account.

New additions to the game have also been implemented for Xbox One owners.

These include:

  • The American Foxhound Camp Dog
  • New Ability Cards
  • A New Emote
  • Additional Clothing Items

The American Foxhound is a cute addition for your camp and for Traders who have progressed far enough the dog will alert about raids on the Trader camp.

Red Dead Online American Foxhound

The new Ability Cards provide in-game perks that can give you the edge in a gunfight.

  • Gunslinger’s Choice provides more power and better accuracy when Dual Wielding.
  • Strength In Numbers reduces damage taken when near allies.
  • Ride Like the Wind will add Health and Stamina to your horse relative to damage being dealt and taken by you.

Profess your enthusiasm or dismay at any given time with the Shoot the Sky emote, guaranteed to make you look either extremely silly or terrifying in equal measure.

Wheeler & Rawson now stocks a multitude of different material clothing items for Xbox One owners so have a look through the catalog for the felt Carrigan Hat, the tough leather Burnham Boots and the furry Avery Gloves.

Click to enlarge…

Note: These items have already been made available to PlayStation 4 owners as Early Access exclusives.

Anyone who wishes to test their skills this week can do so in some difficult Free Aim modes designed for the best Gunslingers and Sharpshooters around.

Last Stand features this week and tasks you with being the last person standing in a no holds barred shootout with several other players.

There are also variant modes available of Shootout, Takeover and Elimination Series.

See this week’s Red Dead Online events at Rockstar Social Club:

All of these modes will be running until next week where they will end on 21st October 2019.

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