Resident Evil: Resistance Gameplay – Survival is the Best Option

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A week before its launch date, I got a preview of the online Resident Evil: Resistance gameplay and it does what Resi does best, but falls short in the hunting department.

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As the excitement for the Resident Evil 3 Remake begins to heat up ahead of next week’s release, Capcom shared a free demo of Resident Evil: Resistance.

Resistance is the online multiplayer component of the latest remake installment of the survival horror series.

Resident Evil: Resistance Gameplay Trailer

While an online multiplayer Resident Evil sounds like a great idea, because it is, the asynchronous aspect fails to impress.

Before the game was almost immediately pulled from the PlayStation Store and Steam due to technical issues, I had a chance to play through the game’s tutorials.

As such, I didn’t get to experience the full benefit of the demo, but from what I managed to play, I was only half impressed.

Survivors have been given a strain of the T-Virus and the testing facility exists in order to measure the fear response of the infected.

Set in an Umbrella Corporation testing facility, one group of players must survive the many traps laid out by one player taking on the role of the Mastermind.

 Resident Evil: Resistance Gameplay - Mastermind
Resident Evil: Resistance – Mastermind

Playing as the Mastermind was tedious, boring and seemed quite pointless.

On the other hand, playing as a Survivor had the excellent gameplay associated with the last two Resident Evil remakes, 2 and 3.

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The Mastermind must utilize a camera system to switch rooms in the testing facility and search for Survivors.

While this makes sense, the fact that you can just plop in zombies and traps does not.

Mastermind uses a card system to plan his attacks and must adhere to a points system.

Resident Evil: Resistance Gameplay - Licker
Resident Evil: Resistance – Licker

I fail to see why remotely opening zombie containment units next to the rooms was not an option.

Also, the constant switching of cameras and utilizing traps is a cumbersome process when looking for Survivors and timing attacks.

However, where the game failed spectacularly was when taking control of Tyrant.

You might think that this would be enormous fun, but it isn’t.

The attacks are poorly implemented with slow and sluggish animations while maneuvering him is just boring.

Resident Evil: Resistance Gameplay - Tyrant
Resident Evil: Resistance – Tyrant

Taking direct control of the infected would serve the game better by just being left out.

Moving on, playing as a Survivor is excellently implemented and feels just like Resident Evil.

Survivors must work together to avoid Mastermind’s traps while trying to achieve an objective set by the game.

This plays much like the Fire Team in this weekend’s other free trial, Predator: Hunting Grounds.

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There are three stages to a testing facility scenario all of which the Survivors have to escape to win.

Resident Evil: Resistance Gameplay - Survivors
Resident Evil: Resistance – Survivors Gameplay

Each stage has specific objectives such as finding an item, that needs to be done before proceeding to the next stage.

Once all the objectives from all three stages have been completed, the Survivors win the match.

Playing through the stages is identical to the main campaign.

The controls are all the same, as is the U.I.

The level design is excellent and has a real Resident Evil feel while exploring.

Resident Evil: Resistance Gameplay - Survivors
Resident Evil: Resistance – Survivors Gameplay

There is that intriguing mix of fear and intrigue as you turn each corner.

You both want a zombie to jump out so you can kill it, while also being a little afraid that one might.

Zombies aren’t the only thing you need to watch out for.

Mastermind can lay traps, unleash infected dogs and even send lickers after you.

Each member of the team has special skills that can be of help individually, but together, the Survivors are very strong.

Resident Evil: Resistance Gameplay - Survivors
Resident Evil: Resistance – Survivors Gameplay

For example, Martin can make mines that can be placed, January has an E.M.P ability while Valerie can heal.

This makes it possible for January to initiate the E.M.P to disable a camera so Mastermind cannot see where Martin has placed a mine.

This is an excellently developed online multiplayer game and one worthy of Resident Evil.

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However, I feel that Capcom really should have implemented a story or an A.I Mastermind and fully concentrated on the survival aspect of the game.

Despite my feelings about the Mastermind aspect of the game, this is an excellent component of Resident Evil 3 and should add some supplemental fun once you finish the main campaign.

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The Resident Evil: Resistance release date is scheduled for 3 April 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Resistance Gameplay – Survival is the Best Option

  1. Marvin Loraya

    Great post! I played the RE2 remake not too long ago, and I am excited for the RE3 remake to be released! The online multiplayer component though, I find intriguing. It’s basically like Left 4 Dead meets Evolve, in some ways. I am intrigued and would likely play it once it releases.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hey Marvin.

      The teamwork element in Resistance is very similar to Left 4 Dead and it’s a great play.

      However, the Mastermind part of the game isn’t as good as you might expect.

      That being said, it will be a nice bit of extra gameplay when you finish the main story, or a good bit of action to take a break from Racoon City.

      Thanks for commenting,


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