Rocket League Epic Games Store Goes Free to Play Soon

By | 22/07/2020



It has been confirmed that a Rocket League Epic Games Store version is coming soon as the game goes free to play this Summer.

Psyonix has confirmed reports that Rocket League is shifting to the popular free to play model this Summer.

The game’s home has officially been Steam on PC since release but has been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Switch also.

Rocket League – Official Announcement Trailer (PS4)

In a post on the official Rocket League website, the game’s developers have confirmed that it will be moving from Steam to Epic Games Store.

It has also been confirmed that once on Epic Games Store, it will no longer be available via Steam.

Also, once the game has been moved to Epic, it will be free to play for everybody.

Rocket League Epic Games Store Free to Play Announced
Rocket League Epic Games Store Free to Play Announced

However, gamers who paid money for the game haven’t been forgotten.

As an added bonus, all gamers who previously purchased the game will get certain perks.

This includes:

  • All previously released DLC
  • Purchase Year Title Addition
  • “Legacy” Status

The Legacy status will grant upgraded items and cosmetics.

Each player’s account can also be transferred to any platform for which they have an Epic Games account as the game will support crossplay.

Rocket League Crossplay Confirmed
Rocket League Crossplay Confirmed

Other changes include a newly designed user interface and improved “Tournaments and Challenges”.

There has been no mention of any changes to the core gameplay of Rocket League and the changes apply to the game on all systems.

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Released in 2015 by developers Psyonix and Panic Button, the game has won numerous awards and is a gaming icon in the same league as Fortnite.

Nobody thought that mixing football and cars would be a good idea, but five years later Rocket League has 40 million-plus players across all major platforms.

Rocket League has a Massive Player Base
Rocket League has a Massive Player Base

The madcap game is basically soccer with Rocket-powered cars, nothing more, nothing less.

Players must choose from a variety of cars, each with different characteristics, and try to get a giant-sized ball into an opposition goal.

Because of it’s required skill and high competitiveness, Rocket League has become a hugely played and indeed watched Esports title.

No specific date for the change has been given but Rocket League will go free to play sometime this Summer.

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