Shenmue 3 Release Date for PS4 and PC

By | 12/04/2019

Plus: Call of Cthluhu and Vampyr Coming to Switch

Shenmue 3 release date has been confirmed for PS4 and PC, plus developer partnership means Cthulhu and Vampyr coming to Switch along more Call of Cthulhu games.



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  • Shenmue 3 Release Date for PS4 and PC
  • Call of Cthulhu and Vampyr Coming to Nintendo Switch

Shenmue 3 Release Date for PS4 and PC

A prequel to the Sega Dreamcast classic game Shenmue has been confirmed for release on PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.

The game has apparently gone through a series of delays but it has now been confirmed by the game’s own creator, Yu Suzuki, that the highly anticipated title is now on track and scheduled for release in August.

Yu Suzuki is an early video game legend, having designed and developed iconic 80s Sega arcade games Hang On and Out Run, as well as the Virtua Fighter series later in the 90s.

Shenmue was a groundbreaking game when it was released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999.

Following the story of Ryo, a young man in 1980s Yokosuka, a city in the Greater Tokyo area of Japan, Shenmue is a typical Japanese love, revenge and honor saga.

Ryo witnesses the murder of his father in their family run Dojo and swears revenge against the people responsible.

Ryo’s adventure takes him from the suburbs of Yokosuka to the streets of Hong Kong, with some memorable characters along the way.

The game featured a large open world, something quite new at the time and only made famous by Grand Theft Auto 3.

Shenmue was also one of the first video games to feature a full day and night cycle, full three dimensional graphics, NPCs that went about their business. 

Shenmue was also, at the time, one of the most expensive video games ever made.

The latest installment has been a Kickstarter funded game being paid for largely by die hard fans of the series.

Some of the game play in Shenmue 3 is said to include familiar open world roaming and Shenmue’s famous quick time events, now made a gaming staple by Square Enix’s Tomb Raider. 

The game will also feature Street Fighter style combat.

The game will also feature vehicle racing, and from a newly released screenshot, may also include Ryo’s famous forklift truck.

Shenmue 3 is scheduled for release on August 27th 2019 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Call of Cthulhu and Vampyr Coming to Nintendo Switch

The under the radar horror RPG from Focus Home Interactive based on H.P Lovecraft’s nightmarish world is reportedly coming to Switch later in the year.

Call of Cthulhu has taken elements from the legendary horror world created by H.P Lovecraft which features a giant, tentacled, octopus headed humanoid demi-god named Cthulhu.

The Cthulhu mythos is beloved by literature and horror fans alike and the is prevalent throughout most of H.P Lovecraft’s short stories.

Following the story of a private investigator, Call of Cthulhu sends you to an extremely creepy island to look into what has happened to a famous family on the island.

The daughter of the family is a famous painter and has created an eerie image of a not quite human creature, with tentacles and possibly a squid head. 

The game mechanics in Call of Cthulhu are a little different than the usual survival horror that gamers expect.

Instead, the game offers a more investigation and puzzle based experience similar to original survival horror games such as Alone in the Dark. 

The game features heavy RPG elements taken directly from the extremely popular Call of Cthulhu table top RPG.

It doesn’t require a lot of button mashing or control and would be an excellent game to play on the way home from work or on a long drive to weekend destination. 

It is, in short, a spiritual Switch game and one that every Switch gamer should have, if only to slightly experience the Cthulhu Mythos and the Lovecraftian nightmare.

This style of game play lends itself well to the subject matter, as Lovecraftian fiction is known for it’s ominous sense of foreboding terror that usually leads up to a horrific conclusion.

This is in place of the typical jump scare, gore fests indicative of horror literature and horror games alike.

I feel that the pace and style of the game is implemented in such a way that it will really feel at home on the Switch.

The port of the game is being handled by Dontnod Entertainment, the studio behind another under rated game from 2018, Vampyr, which has also been announced for Nintendo Switch.

While not as in depth of indeed even related to the Vampire: Bloodlines series of games, also a popular table top RPG, Vampyr is quite similar to Call of Cthulhu. 

Vampyr is also heavily RPG and story driven but with more of an emphasis on action.

In a recent Tweet, Focus Home Interactive has also just announced that they will be developing more Call of Cthulhu titles along with Chaosium Inc.

Call of Cthulhu and Vampyr are set to be released for Nintendo Switch later this year.

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4 thoughts on “Shenmue 3 Release Date for PS4 and PC

  1. Chars Lu

    I prefer “Call of Cthulhu” and “Pampyr” because of doing the investigation is my favorite thing and make me more fun!
    It’s too long to wait until later this year 🙁

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Thanks for commenting.

      I feel we don’t get enough high quality investigation games so these two are welcome additions.

      If you can’t wait, they are available on other platforms.


  2. George

    I heard about Cthulu legend. Maybe he is a cousin of Hachibi or something. Even Metallica has a song about it. Are there any videos? teaser or gameplay?!!

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Thanks George.

      The Cthulhu mythos was popularized by early 20th Century horror write H.P Lovecraft, although he didn’t, as some believe, create the character.

      Since Lovecraft’s resurgent popularity from the mid 1990s onwards, Cthulhu has influenced many pop culture areas including music, artwork and indeed literature.

      There is a ton of information on Cthulhu and Lovecraft all over the internet and there are many gameplay videos of Call of Cthlulhu and Vampyr on YouTube.



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