10 Signs that You’re a True Gamer

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With all the great titles of recent years, it’s easy for gaming to take over your life so here are 10 signs that you’re a true gamer.

Gaming used to be something that was reserved for the “geeky”, and now it’s something that everyone, everywhere gets involved in.

Sure, gaming has developed so much over time that it’s easy to see why people are more involved, but it’s no longer something reserved for those with a “geek” label – thankfully!

Gaming has changed massively.

We’ve gone from Solitaire on a PC to be able to step into virtual reality and be inside the game.

The newly released Star Wars Squadrons is the first full VR Star Wars title and completely immerses you as a pilot with the New Republic and The Empire.

It is in equal parts terrifying and fascinating that we have evolved this quickly with gaming, but it’s something that anyone interested in getting into gaming should consider a blessing.

Gaming covers everything from what you read in the news section at metalinjection.net to playing board games, but for this article, we’re going to focus on those online games instead.

10 Signs You're a Gamer

The movement in the gaming world is encouraging people of all ages and genders to get involved, and boy, are they!

Gaming has become more accessible to all than ever before, and while there are people who are just in it to play.

There are others who are true gamers who are ready to dive in and really enjoy the games that they are playing for the long-haul.

So, with this in mind, we’re going to explore ten fun (and not altogether accurate…maybe) signs that you are a true gamer and you should wear your gamer title with pride!

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Your Birthday is Now “Levelling Up”

Gamers don’t have birthdays, they level up. It’s an official rule in the rulebook of gamers.

Birthdays are for Gaming

Why? Well, when you play an online game and get to a certain level of life, credits or coins collected, you get to the next level.

Collecting 365 days of life is definitely leveling up in our opinion, and it sounds so much more fun than “yay, I’m 40!”

You get more experienced when you level up, and what’s offering you more experience than life itself?

Move Over, Noob!

Have you ever found yourself calling someone else a “noob”?
Were you aware that it’s short for “newbie”?

Everyone is a Noob

It means that they are new to the game/scene and they are inexperienced in the world you are in.

If you are calling people “noob”, then it’s time to assess how much time you’re spending online and take a little step back. Just a smidge.

Just be aware that every 12-year-old playing GTA Online calls everyone a noob so don’t take that one personally.

Acronyms are a New Language to You

…and you understand them! Telling someone that you played an “awesome RPG” wouldn’t mean much to someone who didn’t game often, but it will mean a lot for you!

Acronyms are a Language to You Now

When you can speak in acronyms, you know you’re a gamer and you are getting a new education because of it.

Gaming language changes per game, but if you’re hearing someone talking about the MMO and nodding along, you’re aware of it all!

That’s a sign of a true gamer!

You Don’t Know When to Stop

While this isn’t the best reason to know you’re a gamer, time has lost all meaning.

Can't Stop Playing

If you’re online and gambling, then not knowing when to stop is pretty serious and you should seek some help.

If you’re playing endless games of Call of Duty with your friends, then you just need to set an alarm.

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There’s nothing wrong with boundaries in the gaming world if you are setting them and adhering to them properly.

At the most, you may wake up with a mis-shapen claw for a hand like Chandler in Friends after playing for too long.

You’ve Got a Video Game Ringtone

Has Super Mario Bros become your new ringtone or text tone?
Does Zelda have a tune you’re going to hum along to when someone else has it as their ringtone?

Gaming Ringtones Dominate Your Phone

Yep, you’re a gamer.

Those characters shape your life, so why not infiltrate it in your everyday phone use?

I have Solid Snake’s CODEC tone for my messages.

You’re Nocturnal

A lot of gamers are online through the night because that is when the global players wake up and join in.

You are now a Creature of the Night

To a gamer, 3 am is not the middle of the night, it’s the middle of an epic battle between good and evil, and it’s the time for Doritos and other snacks.

Get some rubber grips or those controllers won’t stay in your greasy snack hands.

Sleep? That’s for the weak.

Though, make sure that you get SOME sleep…you don’t want to be that guy who is found after a week still in the chair and not breathing!

I’m at that age where I require sleep, but I do remember playing X-Com: Enemy Unknown for 18 hours straight in my younger days.

The Real World Merges with the Gaming One

When you’re watching the TV, you are seeing the game from the computer playing in your head.

Reality and Fantasy have Merged

You may play FIFA or Football Manager day-to-day, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a real manager and can tell Jurgen Klopp that he’s doing it wrong.

Well, you can, but he won’t hear you!

Pokemon GO! Gave You Life

Every Pokemon lover enjoyed Pokemon GO!, and most still do.

Pokemon GO! Finally Got You Outside

If you’re a fan of those little pocket monsters, you should keep playing.

While it would be a weird world if Pokemon were real, it was the first game to get you out of the gaming chair and into the world again.

I forgot what outdoor air smelled like.

Downtime Involves Gaming

You’re on a day off of your work, your errands are complete and now it’s time to game.

Days Off are for Gaming

No matter what, it’s your go-to activity and you are loving it.

You do it alone, you do it with friends, and you even do it with real-life people you know.

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If you’re anything like me, then gaming is your downtime.

Achievement, Unlocked!

Had a new baby? Got married? Bought a house? Got a new job? Went back to school?

Seeing your Life Stages as Game Achievements

All of these milestone moments in life no longer involve you saying congratulations to anyone.

Instead, you tell them that they have unlocked an achievement, just like you would have if you were in your gaming world.

I just got a gold trophy for leaving the house to walk the dog.

There is every chance that you can relate to at least four of these if you are a true gamer, and if so, let me know which ones.

Hopefully, you read through all of these knowing that you met every single one of them.

Gaming is a pastime, and for some, a way of life.

I’m currently making my way across the Universe as an intergalactic trader in No Man’s Sky.

Which is it for you? Let me know!

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