Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack Trailer Recently Released

With the recent release of the StrangerVille Game Pack trailer for The Sims 4, things have suddenly become strange. The government is closely monitoring StrangerVille because unusual things are happening there.

The New Sims 4 DLC announcements are always thrilling, and this one is no different—if anything, it’s even more so.

The bizarre behaviour of the SimGurus on Twitter the other day puzzled and surprised Sims lovers everywhere.

The visuals were accompanied by several obscure, unsettling, and quite odd statements.

One theme emerged from all of the lines of conjecture around the Tweets, which was essentially verified yesterday with the release of a new trailer.

Simmers hypothesized that the Tweets were about a new expansion pack themed on aliens and a virus set in Strange Town, a playable area from The Sims 2 with an extraterrestrial conspiracy theme and tale.

As it turned out, most of Simmer was nearly accurate.

A lot of effort was put into making the StrangerVille video, which aims to explain what the heck is going on in the town, making it one of the most spectacular so far.

The basic idea of StrangerVille is that an unsettling presence profoundly impacts Sims if the game’s trailer is any indication. It remains to be known whether something is preternatural, supernatural, or wholly extraterrestrial.

One thing is certain, though: whatever is going on is grabbing the attention of military people, undercover government agents, and conspiracy theorists alike. Everyone is curious about what is going on.

According to several shots in the teaser, a meteor, an extraterrestrial artifact, or something more exotic may have touched down in StrangerVille.

Whether locating this relic will include a task connected to one’s work or a free-form play is unclear, but the trailer seems to imply that doing so requires the use of what seems to be radiation equipment and that doing so may be risky.

I noted in the artifact picture that there seems to be some kind of hazardous waste containers nearby, and this snapshot supports my observation:

Although the military Sim in this picture looks to be engaged in combat, it is also plausible that this is some kind of super “weed killer,” for lack of a more appropriate word, considering the graphic labeling on the barrels. Maybe the object has sentience and develops into a hideous alien plant. The HazMat suit investigator’s picture suggests that it may be deadly, whatever it is.

We see what seems to be a hidden facility or lab after the trailer, perhaps one of its most interesting scenes. I’m very happy about this.

The building has a keypad code entrance system and seems to be in a basement. I can feel something is down there.

There is often much more to see than is immediately apparent, which is one thing I appreciate about Sims trailers.

For instance, a martial arts teacher is one new element that seems to have been introduced to the game, and I’ve wanted one in The Sims 4 ever since it originally appeared in The Sims 3: World Adventures.

Also, it is evident from numerous Sims shown throughout the video that this game expansion will include at least military clothes, if not a military profession, which would be, to put it mildly, great.

If there are military people in the pack, it seems obvious that they would need to be in good physical shape and be able to defend themselves.

This is only a brief comment that should be clear. Individuals out there can analyze trailer breakdowns far more adeptly than I can.

Avoid being strange

It almost seems more like an expansion pack than a game pack, but this seems like it’s going to be a fantastic addition to The Sims 4.

Although the video appears to imply that there will be much more than just a military job introduced, as we have seen at the (what is likely this town’s hidden lot) facility, a new military career seems a fantastic addition to the game at this time.

Given the abundance of sci-fi-themed objects and artifacts in the video and the newly revealed official photos, a Xenobiologist or Conspiracy Theorist job or gameplay may be feasible.

I am excited to play this pack and anticipate all of the humorous references to shows like Roswell, The X Files, and Stranger Things, among others, to be hilarious and fun-packed. Based on what we have seen, including military personnel, ominous presence, government agents, and investigators, I can’t wait to play this pack.

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