Sony First Party Games to be Developed by New PlayStation Studios

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With the PlayStation 5 on the horizon, all new Sony first-party games will be released under a new umbrella studio named PlayStation Studios.

With the PlayStation 5 on the horizon, all new Sony first-party games will be released under a new umbrella studio named PlayStation Studios.

Sony showed off the announcement with a release of a rather well-presented logo animation not too dissimilar than Marvel’s iconic opening sequence.

PlayStation Productions Opening Sequence

Not to be confused with PlayStation Productions, PlayStation Studios will reportedly handle the development of all new titles for the PlayStation gaming brand when it launches later in the year.

Set for a parallel release with Sony’s upcoming new console, PlayStation Studios will then be the face of first-party games for Sony consoles rather than the current Sony Interactive Entertainment branch.

This is rather exciting indeed since all the separate development studios may get to work together and share resources.

This is great news as Sony’s list of development teams includes such studios as Polyphony Digital, Insomniac Games and Naughty Dog.

These talented development teams are responsible for such classic and critically acclaimed games like the Gran Turismo series, Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Uncharted series respectively.

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Other studios owned by Sony also include Guerilla Games, Sucker Punch and Media Molecule.

These studios have brought modern classics such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Infamous and the recently released Dreams.

All of these studios and more have been acquired by Sony at some point and as such are organized and utilized in a very corporate yet creative manner, thus is the prerogative of such a large company.

However, Sony does allow a certain amount of freedom to the studio while providing a level of quality that is unmatched in modern-day video games.

Just like Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation Studios will be the official banner of titles from these studios.

Dreams by Media Molecule
Dreams by Media Molecule – Let’s You Create Your Own Games

Basically, if the PlayStation Studios brand is on the product then you can be confident you will be getting a quality production.

What this will mean for the actual development teams remains to be seen as Sony hasn’t commented on any internal restructuring or whether the separate studios will still be credited for the work.

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What is clear however is that no current titles set for release on PS4 will contain the new branding.

PlayStation Studios is set for release alongside PlayStation 5, and as such, only PS5 games will be branded with the new studio.

Sony is currently undergoing some major redevelopment in terms of organizing new brands.

Almost exactly a year ago they announced their new PlayStation Productions branding.

PlayStation Productions Logo
PlayStation Productions Film and TV Development

PlayStation Productions will reportedly handle developments of Sony’s future Film and TV developments that are their own based on video games.

Adaptations such as an Uncharted movie starring Spider-Man’s Tom Holland and a TV show based on the classic vehicle carnage game Twisted Metal have already been confirmed.

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The new brand is set for release when PlayStation 5 launches this holiday season.

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