Splash Music App Allows DJ’ing and Creation of Music in Roblox

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Australian AI music app Splash has been merged with the popular game to allow children to learn and create Roblox Music.

As well as allowing the creation of their own games Roblox users can now generate custom tunes.

Using Splash, an AI-based music generator, Roblox gamers can now host their own music event.

Using the virtual “Club Splash”, Roblox gamers can DJ for their friends in an interactive environment using computer-generated samples.

Splash works by having its artificial intelligence system generate loops and beats which the player then selects in real-time.

Roblox Splash Official Game Trailer

Gamers inside Roblox play Splash and live out their DJ fantasies.

The game allows you to pretend to be a DJ, with fans and all, and then play live using Splash’s intuitive real-time system.

The DJ performances are micro-sets and last for a maximum of one minute earning Fame and coins from performances.

The system will play a specifically chosen genre, while the player chooses to add in and cut out samples as the track plays.

Roblox Splash Game
Roblox Splah Game – Music Generator

Different drum patterns, bass, synthesizers and vocals can be played out as the tune progresses.

There’s also background dancers and an assortment of accessories for Roblox characters to choose from such as Marshmello and DeadMau5 inspired costumes.

Roblox is a massive online gaming community where typically the younger generation gets to interact and show off their creativity and can find their own tracks to practice on lagu mp3 music.

Similar to Minecraft, Roblox allows gamers to create their own games and play games created by others.

Roblox Splash Game Red Carpet
Roblox Splash – Red Carpet Treatment

The Roblox Corporation brand has grown into an international phenomenon in its fourteen-year lifespan and has become a massive brand in its own right.

Currently, Roblox has over 115 million active players and is considered by some to be the YouTube for children.

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Developed by PopGun, Splash is a highly rated music app available for mobile devices that allows for quick and easy real-time music-making thanks to an intuitive AI system.

Because of its ease of use, Splash is considered a gateway into music-making for anyone of all ages as it requires no musical knowledge.

Roblox Splash Game DeadMau5
Roblox Splash- DJ Accessories

The app allows for instant music creation by layering sound FX, beats and bass lines and more in an instant.

Splash covers multiple genres such as EDM, Drum and Bass and Hip Hop.

The music samples in Splash are developed by professional producers of all genres and the AI system selects samples for you to choose from while creating your music.

Merging this with Roblox is extremely fun as you can interact with other players while Dj’ing.

Roblox gamers can come and watch your performances and there is even a leaderboard for the best gigs.

The Roblox version of Splash is available now.

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