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Mammoth Patriot and Romero Hearse Now Available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos

By | 26/09/2018

    Today’s GTA Online weekly update sees two more additions to the Southern San Andrea Super Autos in-game website; Mammoth Patriot and Chariot Romero Hearse are available for purchase, with the Mammoth Patriot coming with some new customisations. There’s also goods news for Nightclub owners as there are some bonuses around popularity and Business… Read More »

GTA Online Weekly Update – Tale of Us, New Classic Car and LSUR Radio Station

By | 01/08/2018

Tale of Us, New Classic Car and LSUR Radio Station Not the usual GTA Online Weekly Update as there are no vehicle discounts and no GTA Online Cash & RP bonuses. However this week sees a brand new classic car, some new The Guest List rewards, a very unusual vehicle, new content for your nightclubs… Read More »

GTA Online Weekly Update – GTA Online: After Hours DLC

By | 24/07/2018

It’s finally here and what a wait it has been. Never has a popular game’s DLC been so eagerly anticipated than GTA Online: After Hours, also known as the Nightclub DLC, which has dropped as part of this week’s GTA Online Weekly Update. The latest update for Rockstar Games’ massive open-world, MMO, crime epic Grand… Read More »