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7 New Arenas with Sumo Remix Adversary Mode for GTA Online

By | 03/10/2018

There are a lot of discounts in this week’s GTA Online update including all Maze Bank Foreclosures, Dynasty 8 Executives and vehicles and aircraft. Plus there’s some exclusive unlocks just for logging in, various double GTA Online cash opportunities and this week’s featured addition Sumo Remix Adversary Mode. Remixed Adversary Mode Sumo is offering double GTA… Read More »

New Canis Freecrawler and Adversary Mode Remix Released

By | 04/09/2018

The GTA Online After Hours drip-feed content concludes this week with the release of the new Canis Freecrawler while the Adversary Mode Remix gets a new addition with Trading Places Remix. Plus there’s a plethora of discounts and cash bonuses as well as your chance to get your hands on a total of $1,150,000 in… Read More »

GTA Online Double RP and Cash Plus HVY Menacer

By | 28/08/2018

GTA Online Double RP and Cash is up for grabs in this week’s update, the HVY Menacer weaponized vehicle is released plus there’s big discounts on select vehicles, aircraft and property and a whole lot more. Brand New Content HVY Menacer – Urban Pacification Just Got Real It looks like am SUV on steroids with… Read More »

GTA Online Weekly Update – Free $250k GTA Online Cash

By | 06/06/2018

GTA Online Weekly Update: New Transform Races & Creator Updates Plus GTA Online Cash Giveaway This week’s GTA Online update has the long awaited new Transform Races, seven in total, as well as other long awaited updates to Rockstar Creator. The update also has the usual discounts and GTA Online cash bonuses as well as… Read More »