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Sony’s PS5 Future of Gaming Event Postponed Amid Events in the U.S

By | 03/06/2020

  In recent social media posts, Sony has confirmed that the PS5 Future of Gaming event has been delayed. The press conference was due to be held this Thursday after a very recent advertising campaign by Sony. Expected to be the unveiling of the PlayStation 5, the event has now been delayed because of the… Read More »

PS5 Release Date Expected to be Announced This Week

By | 01/06/2020

  Sony has begun promoting a conference for this week where the PS5 release date and full details are expected. Titled “The Future of Gaming“, the press conference is set to take place this Thursday. Full details of the upcoming successor the hugely successful PlayStation 4 are expected to be revealed. From their own website,… Read More »

New “DualSense” PS5 Controller Revealed Ahead of Developer Shipments

By | 08/04/2020

  While there have been numerous revelations concerning Sony’s new console, the tech giant has now released details of the DualSense PS5 controller as it is delivered to game developers. Named “DualSense“, the controller comes packed with new features never before seen in a console and looks very different from the standard DualShock. The DualSense… Read More »