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Splash Music App Allows DJ’ing and Creation of Music in Roblox

By | 20/05/2020

  Australian AI music app Splash has been merged with the popular game to allow children to learn and create Roblox Music. As well as allowing the creation of their own games Roblox users can now generate custom tunes. Using Splash, an AI-based music generator, Roblox gamers can now host their own music event. Using… Read More »

Roblox Surpasses Minecraft as Most Played Game

By | 05/08/2019

  World sharing MMO Roblox has reportedly surpassed other massive titles Minecraft and Fortnite to currently become the world’s officially most played online game. New active online player figures suggest that Roblox has now overtaken Minecraft as the most played online game. An active player base exceeding 100 million users suggests that the game is… Read More »