Terrifying Blair Witch Gameplay Emerges

By | 31/07/2019
Blair Witch Gameplay



A terrifying new Blair Witch gameplay video trailer has been released showcasing some of the upcoming game’s horror, character hints and a canine companion.

One of the nicest or nastiest surprises, depending on how you look at it, to come out of this year’s E3 conference was the reveal of a brand new first-person horror game based on the legendary and iconic Blair Witch.

The trailer showed some truly scary moments and gave a vague introduction to the story and a vague overview of what we can expect.

Now though, a brand new trailer has been released that demonstrates full gameplay and shares some more details concerning the story of this truly terrifying looking game.

See for yourself…

Blair Witch Official Gameplay Trailer

Following the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy by a former police officer known as “Ellis”, we get to step foot into the creepy Black Hills Forest and the nightmare domain of Elly Kedward, also known as The Blair Witch.

Blair Witch Gameplay Screenshot 04

The trailer shows Ellis’ entry to the woods while remaining in mobile phone contact with a woman named “Jess”.

Predictably, as Ellis descends further and further into the forest, he begins to lose his mobile phone signal and of course any outside world contact with anybody, including Jess.

Blair Witch Gameplay Screenshot 06

All contact lost and now at the mercy of the dying light and the thick of the forest, Ellis is now in the presence of a truly evil force.

A key feature of the game that wasn’t demonstrated at E3 but is now shown in the new gameplay trailer is the use of a canine companion that seems to be able to assist Ellis in looking for clues and letting him know when something dangerous is near.

Click to enlarge…

The new Blair Witch game which is described by the developers as “a story-driven psychological horror game that studies your reactions to fear and stress.”, has all the hallmarks of an instant classic.

The excellent use of visual effects such as blood-red moments, quick dart creatures and a peeling wall effect similar to Silent Hill, make this game appear quite stunning in its horrifying glory.

Blair Witch Gameplay Screenshot 01

Strong references to the Blair Witch legend such as the crude drawings, the bloodied handprints of children and of course the stickmen, seems to further add to the horrifying foreboding tone of the story.

These subconsciously scary scenes make excellent use of some already iconic implements of psychological horror used by the movie’s developers.

Blair Witch Gameplay Screenshot 02

What’s even creepier and is indeed a testament to the excellent use of the game’s creepiness, similar to the movies, is that a lot of the scary action actually takes place during the daylight.

One can only imagine what it’s like after dark.

Blair Witch is scheduled for release on Xbox One and PC via Steam on August 30th, 2019.

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2 thoughts on “Terrifying Blair Witch Gameplay Emerges

  1. Colleen

    Love this review. My daughter is actually the gamer but I did like the Blair Witch movie so I can definitely see where this might be quite entertaining and even addictive for those who love to play the video games. The graphics are phenomenal and there is quite a few scenes from the classic movie. Detailed and informative review, thanks for the info about this game.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Colleen, thanks for commenting.

      The game’s developers appear to have really stuck to the lore and canon of the movies, which makes me happy since I am a huge fan of the series.

      Heading into the woods in first-person is a great choice and I can’t wait to see what the Black Hills Forest has in store for us.

      A full review will be written when the game is released at the end of August.



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