The End of a Legend: PlayStation Vita Discontinued

By | 08/03/2019

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Plus: Why You Should Still Buy One and What the Future May Hold for Sony Handhelds…

Sony’s PlayStation Vita discontinued among massive support for the console and may just be what it needs to unlock the future potential of the machine.



As you may have heard, the PlayStation Plus service has now ended for the PS Vita and PS3.

As of today, 8th March 2019, Sony are no longer manufacturing any new units of it’s flagship handheld console that has been hugely successful. This also includes a halt in the following services:

  • PlayStation Plus
  • Technical support
  • Game card manufacture

Although  a lot of support has ended, users can still access PSN through the machine and digital copies of games can still be purchased and downloaded, so the console appears to still have some life left in it yet:

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PS Vita

The Vita still has a lot of unofficial support and I predict that the console, although no longer officially manufactured and supported, will see hack ware releases and great ongoing support from various communities.


Ahead of It’s Time

The successor to the groundbreaking PlayStation Portable, the Vita has sold approximately 16 million units worldwide[1] since it’s launch in 2012. An excellent performance when you consider the rising popularity of gaming in today’s quite powerful mobile devices running systems such as iOS and Android.

The handheld was praised initially for it’s multitude of features such as fast internet, PlayStation Network compatibility, PlayStation 4 remote play and it’s backwards compatibility:

  • PlayStation One
  • PSP
  • PlayStation Mini (Smaller PS3 games)
  • PlayStation Mobile

The console also had a surprising amount of Apps that were also available for the it. Such Apps, commonly found on mobile communication devices, were available for the machine such as Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Skype and Flickr, although for legal and/or corporate reasoning, many of these features were removed at various stages in the Vita’s life cycle.

The removal of such compatibility features may have contributed to the Vita eventually losing out to more modern, compatible and eventually more powerful Smartphones from manufactures like Apple, Samsung and even Sony themselves.

That being said, the Vita has had (and will probably continue to have) an almost cult-like following, similar to that of the Nintendo Switch today.

This is thanks not only to the great features it still has, but ultimately because of the amazing games that are available for it such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Assassin”s Creed III: Liberation, which is soon to have a remastered version released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

These were some of the best selling games ever and were brilliant console sellers for the Vita.


A Bright Future

The Vita may be officially discontinued but I honestly do not feel that Sony is to exit the handheld console market altogether.

Even though the Nintendo Switch is certainly a formidable adversary, having sold double the amount of the Vita in just two years since it’s release in March 2019[2], Sony are the kings of providing top quality hardware and self published and developed AAA titles.

As and added advantage, the company has always been very inviting to third party developers by cultivating great partnerships with studios such as Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank), Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo) and Square Enix (Final Fantasy).

And even though Nintendo’s self published games perform extremely well for the them, the lack of top quality third party games that can entice a more mature or serious gaming audience is currently leaving a big black hole in the handheld console market, something that I am confident Sony has noticed and ultimately has plans for.

No matter what happens, controversy is always abound and I am sure you guys will have something to say, so please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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