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By | 20/08/2018

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It’s not often we get something for free and it’s even more rare that it’s something good. Well, The Sims Studio has released a surprise Sims 4 free download which has not only fixed some long standing bugs but has also added brand new and exclusive game content for The Sims 4 base game i.e. no expansion packs are required to enjoy the new Sims 4 content.

The new items include the long-awaited return of ceiling fans and sliding doors. Yes, now your Sims can enjoy the benefits of a breeze without having to go outside plus they will never again bump their head on an opening door.

Outside of a Stuff Pack, Game Pack or Expansion Pack, new items are very rare for The Sims 4. Although the new items in the latest Sims 4 update are few, they are very good quality and have a great Summer feel to them, as intended by the Caribbean theme.

There are eleven brand new build and buy mode items in total when you include wallpaper and the variants of the sliding doors which come in normal size and large.

NOTE: The Sims 4 expansion packs are not required to enjoy this Sims 4 update.


Furniture and Accessories

A Caribbean set of furniture is sure to brighten up your Sims’ homes a little.

The set contains six brand new items including a long-awaited ceiling fan and a new potted plant, something I which can’t get enough of.

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Build Mode Items

Just sliding doors for build mode, however, this is another thing fans have wanted to see (and indeed thought would be) in the game from the start. There are two doors which come in two sizes; a new mahogany door and the classic Sims 2 “Cha cha” sliding door.

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Clothing and Fashion

For a free update there is a very generous amount of new clothing and Create-a-Sim items including;

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
  • Make-up
  • Hairstyles
  • A new beard


Female Clothing

Some great Caribbean style here. From top to bottom, there’s something for every Sim who wants to get outside in the Calypso sun.

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Male Clothing

Very bright clothing for the extravagant and extrovert male Sims.

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Style and Accessories

New make up is rare in The Sims 4 so it’s always a welcome addition, as are new hairstyles. Being Caribbean themed, there is of course an ultra-cool, obviously Rihanna inspired hair style.


Caribbean Style Hairstyles

Three new hairstyles including a unique head wrap and a one for Rihanna fans.

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Caribbean Style Make-up

Some bold and bright make up to match the shining sun including some glossy lipstick and smoky look eye shadow.

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Male Style and Grooming

A great looking three-day beard for the more aloof Sim and a cool new “curly” hair style.

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Enjoy the Free New Content

So, some great new styles and items there for your Sims (and indeed yourself) to enjoy.

Sliding doors have long been a favorite of mine and indeed other The Sims fans and it’s great to see their return. This will surely have a great impact on the design of new homes now and I’m looking forward to more great designs by the amazing Sims Community.

A ceiling fan, while a small item is a significant item for The Sims 4. It provides a more unique look and will seem more fitting for those Summer days for fans who have The Sims 4: Seasons installed.

A whole new set of furniture is a great gesture on EA’s part since they really could have charged for these items. Free items is something we have seen which started with The Sims 4 and even though it is rare, it is very welcome. The new set is very Summer style indeed and is sure to add a touch of breezy cool to any Sim’s home.

Finally, whole slew of clothing, hairstyles and makeup. WOW! Given the time and effort that goes in to making these, I think you might join me in saying a big thank you to EA for these. The skirts look fabulous and the Rihanna style hair looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how many Rihanna Sims pop up on The Sims 4 Gallery now!

Whatever you think of the new items please let me know in the comments section, or let me know what you plan to do with them.

Thank you for reading and have fun with these great new additions to your Sims 4 game.

In the case you feel I have missed anything, could improve anything, want to ask a question or you feel you need to comment on anything at all then please use the comments section below.

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Dag, dag and happy Simming,

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8 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Free Download Adds New Game Content

  1. Wilona Blue

    Wow, this brought back many fond childhood memories. I experienced full out nostalgia reading this post. I use to be obsessed with Sims to the point my sister and I would nearly get into physical altercations fighting over who’s turn it is on the computer. Right now I am currently on Second Life, have been now for years actually. Are you using SL as well? If so you can add my avitar: gretzta. It will be cool to have a SL friend that’s on WA.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Wilona, thanks for commenting.

      The Sims has been a big part of my life, even before they were actually around; I have been huge fan since the original Sim City.

      Since release in 2000 The Sims has just got bigger and better and The Sims 4 has recaptured some of the original Sims magic that some people say was lot a little with The Sims 3.

      I don’t have SL but I am considering it. However between The Sims 4, GTA Online, Elder Scrolls Online and my blogging I don’t think I would be able to squeeze another platform in.

      If you are thinking of getting back in to The Sims then now is a great time to do it since all the great expansion features that you will want as a Sims fan have now been added such as weather, animals and vampires!

      Have fun and hopefully see you around the Sims community.


  2. Wayne Rokmann

    Hi I just viewed your post on Sim 4 from your website chartxgames and I really like the content and images used for advertising Sims 4 as well including a free download of the game, I also like how you show all the eta’s that go with the game like the clothes the people and furniture ect that is used in the game. I am a fan of
    The Sims game and will definitely download this one from your site and give it a try, Question there are a lot of sim games out there right now and was wondering what your favorite Sims game is and if this one is better than others that are out there. Really good job on your site keep up the great work.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Thanks for commenting Wayne.

      It’s hard to pick a best Sims 4 game because there are so many and they just keep coming, but for me personally I love The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. It has so many unique features apart from the animals and the new town included is really nice.

      Have fun.

  3. Jessica Lauren Vine

    Oh my goodness, I used to play sims all of the time when I was a kid. This is a total upgrade though. I haven’t seen the new sims games, but this looks like a lot of fun to play. Do you think I would make any progress if I just played a couple of hours a month?

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Thanks for commenting Jessica.

      While you might not make a lot f progress by playing for a couple of hours a month, The Sims is one of those games that you can play it in quick bursts without much commitment.

      To be honest though, I’ll bet you 1 hour will turn in to 3 and then before you know it you are spending your weekend building homes and looking for collectibles. 😀

  4. Mariem

    Sims was my favorite game when I was a child I used to play with it all the time I even looked for a free version a few months ago but I couldn’t find any.
    Thanks for this brilliant post this game was a part of my childhood and I still want to play with it.
    thank u and keep up the good work!

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Thanks for commenting Mariem.

      Unfortunately there are no free versions of The Sims 4 but there is The Sims Freeplay on mobile devices which if I’m honest isn’t really that good.

      However if you have a good enough phone or tablet you could play The Sims Mobile which is a newer version and is a bit like The Sims Freeplay crossed with The Sims 4.


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