This Week’s Best Computer and Video Games – The Crew 2 Races Up the Charts

By | 02/08/2018

Only one new change to the number one video games in the list of this week’s best computer and video games with the mighty Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy replacing Microsoft’s self-published, open-sea, RPG Sea of Thieves on the Xbox One, while the rest of the week’s best-selling computer and video games across PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch  and Windows PC remain unchanged from last week:

  • PlayStation 4 Number One: God of War
  • Xbox One Number One: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Nintendo Switch Number One: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Windows PC Number One: Football Manager 2018

Please read on for more information on these excellent computer and video games.

You can view this week’s video game charts here:


This Week’s Featured Game – The Crew 2

SThe Crew 2 - Feature

hooting up the combined charts this week to sit at the number three position The Crew 2 implements a very ambitious open world USA and delivers to you a high-octane racing action experience, accompanied by beautifully crafted environments with dynamic weather and effects in the world’s first truly open, multiplayer racing game.

The Vehicles – A Beautiful Selection for Any Racing Gamer

Not only does The Crew 2 offer racing with a vast range officially licensed supercars and sports cars, there are various types of racing vehicles for you to choose from including;

  • Powerboats
  • Off-roaders
  • Aeroplanes
  • Motorcycles

Each vehicle type has its own associated “Hub” which facilitates different race types including off-road, street, pro and freestyle racing, all of which you will have to master if you are to really win at this game.

Play Style – Road Trip Anyone?

This quite different racing game allows you to race at locations all over the USA from L.A to Miami, any one of which you can drive to. The scale and implementation of this is truly astonishing.

Although The Crew 2 emphasises and encourages multiplayer racing, there is a story mode in which you can play against the AI of the game which is actually very well balanced, however even when playing the solo campaign an internet connection is required, something which I personally don’t like to see in games.

The Crew 2 does simulate an open world experience, however the driving of the game has a particular arcade feel about it and doesn’t try to take itself too seriously.

You can explore many, many locations and you are rewarded for doing so and you do not need to worry about any time limits or getting on with the campaign as the story is non-linear and player progressed.

There are multiple activities too take part in such skill challenges which will rewards skill points and cash however on major flaw in the system is that although the game world is excellently crafted and beautiful, it does feel too big and activities can be far from each other.

Racing Features – What You Expect and What You Need

All the familiar racing disciplines are there for you to try your hand such as drifting, street racing and motocross for example but you will probably find yourself sticking with the one you are best at, I tend to always do some street racing for example.

One feature that The Crew 2 offers over other racers is that you can instantly and seamlessly switch from one vehicle type to another much in the same way as GTA Online Transform Races. This is a welcome feature should you find yourself becoming bored or need to get to a part of the map quickly.

The Crew 2 Verdict

The Crew 2 is an accessible and fun arcade simulation with some unique features and a multitude of racing disciplines which should satisfy even the pickiest racing gamer.

The dynamic weather and great visuals add to the realistic atmosphere that Ubisoft has tried to deliver.

However, The Crew 2 isn’t without it’s flaws; there is a disastrous loot system in place which almost ruins the game and although the game tries to encourage multiplayer there are very few interactions which can be had with others.

The Crew 2 is a great game for any racing fan or indeed any gamer to pick up and should satisfy you whether you want a quick burst race or you have the weekend off and need some racing therapy.

ChartX Games Rating: 4/5

PS4 Section Spacer

God Of War PS4

No change from last week as the current PS4 number one video game God of War enjoys yet another week at the top spot. The mighty, hack and slash, self-published action title from Sony Interactive Entertainment has been on and off the the number one position since release in late April this year.

A Change of Scenery

Taking control of Kratos, in the eighth title from the God of War series you will have to battle your way across mythical ancient Scandinavia (Midgard in fact) rather than Greece where the previous God of War titles were set.

A New Dynamic

Other departures from the usual in this particular game include Kratos now wielding a battle-axe instead of double chained blades and he is now accompanied by his son, a dynamic that sheds a new light on Kratos’ personality as well as enhancing combat experiences.

Flawless Presentation

The visual presentation of God of War is absolutely perfect with the game seemingly pushing the PS4 to it’s graphical limit and the overall presentation feels amazing and expertly done.

This new God of War, with all it’s new features and dynamics seems to present a new, more human side to Kratos and leaves you feeling closer to him, as well as his son and the way the game is implemented makes the character as fun as ever to play while the story expands on the already richly detailed God of War lore.

God of War is a game that not just any PS4 fan needs to play, but any gamer needs to play. If you don’t then you truly will be missing out on one the greatest gaming experiences ever brough to an audience.

ChartX Games Rating: 5/5

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trology Switch Cover

The last few weeks have felt like they were dominated by the re-release of this massively popular platformer which has surpassed everyone’s expectation. Crazy little marsupial Crash Bandicoot has been running and jumping all over the place and has been particularly popular on Xbox One.

High Definition Makes Everything Better

Although the compilation pack wasn’t well received by most game review sites it appears to have been a smash with consumers. A mixture of older gamers revisiting the past for some original 3D era gaming nostalgia and younger gamers getting an HD taste of a classic has been a commercial success.

The pack contains three Crash Bandicoot titles:

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Crash Bandicoot 2: Coretx Strikes Back
  • Crash Bandicoot: Warped

All three of the games have a the HD treatment with improved visuals, HD audio and even re-recorded dialogue by veteran voice actors.

Reinvigorated with Some New Features

The game has some new and uprgraded features including Time Trial Mode for the more skilled players, online leaderboards for the bragging rights and the ability to play as Coco, Crash’s sister. There’s also some quality of life improvements such as saving anywhere and an improved checkpoints system.

So if you want a nice quick fix of some platform action then this one’s for you, with a large array of activities, challenges and game environments to choose from.

However the HD visuals don’t change the game much and it does feel a little out dated in some parts, since it actually is, and some of the levels could have been improved and balanced more as they still contain some of the flaws of the original titles such as uneven difficulty which can break up the flow of the game.

ChartX Games Rating: 3/5

Nintendo Switch Section Spacer

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

After all the new Nintendo Switch video game releases over the past couple of months, some Nintendo’s own, some not, the king of Nintendo self-published titles is back on top. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe takes the number one position yet again sending Sonic Mania Plus spinning right down the charts and out of the top ten.

Re-masters Can Be Better than the Original

Originally released for the Nintendo Wii-U, Mario Kart 8 was unsurprisingly a smash hit for Nintendo so it was no shock when a re-master was announced for the Nintendo Switch.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was released with all of the tracks and DLC for the original with some improvements such as a much improved Battle Mode, something which while ambitious, wasn’t really pulled off very well in the original game. Battle Mode now features purpose built arenas for battle rather than the original Battle Mode converted tracks and they make the most of the game’s mechanics which have been put to use in a more original manner in the re-master.

The game also allows for local four player multiplayer in 1080p on a compatible HDTV, displaying Mario and friends in all their revamped HD glory.

Please Sir, Can I Have More?

Speaking of Battle Mode and indeed traditional Mario Kart racing, all the tracks from theoriginal are featured in the re-master plus there are brand new characters to play with such as Splatoon’s Inklings, which you will find will keep your interest in the game whether you are a fan of the original, new to the game or have purchased the updated Switch version.

The updated Battle Mode will keep you interested and the familiar more traditional races will keep you entertaied however the lack of new tracks isa little disappointing and Grand Prix Mode remains completely unchanged. I think Nintendo have missed a good opportunity to vastly improve an excellent game however the way I see it, and I’m sure you agree, it’s rather difficult to improve perfection.

ChartX Games Rating: 4/5

PC Games Section Spacer

Football Manager 2018

For as long as I can remember Football Manager (or Championship Manager as I remember growing up) has been the “go-to” football management game for decades.

Not a football fan myself but I do remember my brother and my cousin bonding over the legendary title, spending entire weekends before having to back to school. Football Manager 2018 is once again at the top of the charts, seemingly resuming the eternal dance with The Sims 4.

The Dynamics and The Data

The new dynamics system in Football Manager 2018 improves upon the already exisitng player happiness system by giving you more information on how all of your managerial decisions affects each and every player with a defined data set on your influencers being presented to you and how they in turn can affect the team as a whole and a more compatible and happy team will perform better on the pitch. While this is an impressive system and seems to mirror the sometimes infantile mind-set of real football players, it can feel like some un-necessary micro-management and takes away from the main purpose of actually managing the team and tactics rather than babysitting some European primadonna.

The Beautiful Game

Micro-management aside the core of the game remains in tact and all the familiar tactical elements are there but they have in now way been polished or refined, they are still pretty much the same as usual.

One massive improvement though is to the scouting system; you can set a scouting budget to suit your finances however you will need to put in the money to get something great in return and the Dynamics system has been integrated in to the scouting system as well. You will need to make sure that any new players you are bringing in to the team will be compatible with the existing team, making managerial decisions such as that much more though provoking and  realisitic.

ChartX Games Rating: 3/5

You can view this week’s video game charts here:

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