Top 5 Games of Early 2021

By | 08/03/2021
Hitman 3 Agent 47

After a challenging year, that seemed like a video game, what is in store for the top 5 games of early 2021?

As we return to a new normal with the rollout of vaccines and a gradual reopening, we anticipate that new games will be launching.

The prediction is that more games will be cross-generational. Let’s face it. No one was left unaffected by Covid-19 in 2020.

From kids to college students and even baby boomers, everyone will be gaming in 2021.

So far, here is a list of the top 4 games of early 2021. 

Hitman 3

In January, Hitman 3 recorded the biggest launch ever.

What originally launched in 2000 has evolved through various versions as well as movie adaptations.

In this latest version, the protagonist, Agent 47, is a genetically engineered group of assassins or super-soldiers.

It kind of sounds like Jason Bourne, Terminator, and Mission Impossible all mixed.

So, go out and get it! You may want to make some popcorn!

It Takes 2

This cooperative game developed by a Swedish team is fun and Pixar-ish.

The storyline is based on a couple that must escape various zany levels.

It’s a metaphor for their relationship.

The game is an adventure with sliding down ice and fighting off Venus flytraps.

It Takes 2 will help you and your plus one find the upside to 2021 in late March.

If you don’t have a plus one, well maybe you can invite a possible plus one to play It Takes 2 with you.

Gaming could be better than traditional online dating.

Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter series should ring a bell. It had long been a favorite in Japan before it went international in 2017.

This Nintendo Switch game is all about hunting monsters.

Then, you search for more gear to hunt even bigger monsters.

It’s a storyline that is easy to follow and get hooked.

Its anticipated release is late March 2021. Countdown to monster hunting begins now!

Resident Evil 8: Village

This highly anticipated Xbox and PlayStation game is coming out in May of 2021.

The game’s story is of many zombie-like enemies attacking the player.

Sounds like fun, no? Don’t worry there are more than just zombies coming out from everywhere.

The main antagonist is still a witch. She is a force to be reckoned with. 

Skull Splitter Dice

The last game on the list is not a videogame or a game at all. However, it can be used for many tabletop games, RPG dice.

If you are looking for a great set of dice made of brass or plastic with an array of colors and styles, find the best at

No one will doubt that 2020 was an unprecedented year.

It truly felt like a thriller movie or a video game with another villain or challenge around the next corner.

Instead of monsters or zombies, 2020 was filled with a global pandemic.

However, by sheltering in place, wearing masks, and listening to the health experts, we are slowly seeing the other side.

Gaming made 2020 more doable while working, learning, and playing from home.

Let us continue this trend in 2021!

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