Try Pokemon Bank for Free and Get Your Pokemon Organized

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Nintendo is giving users a chance to use Pokemon Bank for free following the launch of the new cloud-based system Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Home has been launched as a replacement for the previous Pokemon Bank system.

The service is designed to facilitate the transfer, sale and organization of your Pokemon between various systems and previous Pokemon releases.

The compatible systems include Pokemon Bank on 3DS, Pokemon Go and the recent Pokemon releases for Nintendo Switch.

Home acts as a cloud storage system for Pokemon and includes many features that serious Pokemon Trainers will find very useful.

Pokemon Home Compatibility Diagram
Pokemon Home Compatibility

Such features include storage, Wonder Boxes, Global Trade System, Trade Rooms and Judging.

As convenient as the system may be, there are some limitations.

First of all, to get the best out of the system you will need to have an active Switch Online subscription.

On top of that, the premium Pokemon Home version costs extra money.

The free version doesn’t offer much and will appeal to the more casual Pokemon Trainer, but regular users of Pokemon will want to upgrade to premium pretty quickly.

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However, Nintendo is allowing Trainers to use the older Pokemon Bank free for 1 month in order to get their older Pokemon organized.

Pokemon Bank is the 3DS cloud-based storage system for Pokemon and can now be used to transfer Pokemon from 3DS versions onto Pokemon Home.

The free trial also includes the use of the Poke Transporter app so Trainers can move Pokemon from the original Nintendo DS into Pokemon Bank.

This will allow the captured Pokemon to be viewed, organized and traded with other Pokemon Home users.

Pokemon Home Judge Feature
Pokemon Home Features

These older Pokemon can also be used in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield but not Pokemon Go or the recent Pikachu and Eevie.

Pokemon Home also features and extensive Pokedex system for all Pokemon stored that displays all stats for any given Pokemon.

There is also an intuitive companion app for Home that can be used on compatible mobile devices.

The companion app is a requirement for certain features of Pokemon Home such as trading, Battle Data and Mystery Gifts.

Since it isn’t clear for how long Pokemon Bank will be available for free, I would urge Trainers to utilize it sooner rather than later.

Pokemon Home is available to download now from the e-Shop at approximately 700MB.

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  1. S Goad

    This is exciting news – thanks for letting us know of the changes. Really hate being the last one to find out. It can be really, really, really frustrating not understanding what’s what.


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