v7.20 Adds Fortnite Lynx Hero Kassandra

By | 26/01/2019

Fortnite Lynx Hero

Plus: Sneaky Snowman, Cold Chaos and The Black Pyramid Hits The Block



Fortnite Lynx Hero Kassandra pounces this week with version 7.20.

We also see some other great content releases as part of Fortnite’s ongoing Winter festival:

  • Sneaky Snowman
  • Guardian’s Will Battle Sword (Frostnite)
  • Sniper Shootout LTM
  • The Black Pyramid (The Block)

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A powerful battle sword is up for wielding this week as part of Frostnite Challenge Week 4 – Cold Chaos plus  there’s novelty fun with the Sneaky Snowman camouflage.

Guardian’s Will

The Guardian’s Will battle sword comes this week as part of the ongoing Frostnite Challenge.

Defeat enemies of Frostnite and unlock this awesome blade.

Fortnite Guardian's Will Sword

Your team must survive for 30 minutes to gain access to the sword.

Note: Available from 23rd January.

Sneaky Snowman

As if snow wasn’t enough of a hindrance, you can now disguise yourself as a Snowman in order to launch a frosty, surprise attack on your enemies.

Use primary to create the Snowman and secondary to use it as a disguise.

The Sneaky Snowman provides a 100 point shield when worn and is destroyed when it’s health reaches zero.

You can find the Sneaky Snowman in Floor Loot and Supply Chests/Llamas.



Just one new Hero, but the first in a while, and pretty epic too!

Lynx Kassandra

A dangerous new Hero arrives in the form of Lynx Kassandra. Meow!

Fortnite Lynx Hero

A variant of the Fleetfoot sub-class, Kassandra has feline fast feet and the reflexes of a cat.

Note: Available from 23rd January.



Fortnite user Directingpete has created an awesome new arena for The Block.

Fortnite Black Pyramid



Sniper Shootout is back.

Compete with other players in this highly skilled LTM using scoped weapons only:

  • Suppressed Sniper Rifles
  • Legendary Scoped Pistols

To make things even harder, loot spawners have been halved, “Down but not Out” reviving is disabled and K/D ratios are tracked.

You have been warned.



A wide variety of additions in Fortnite version 7.20:

  • A new Hero: Lynx Kassandra.
  • Novelty fun with Sneaky Snowman.
  • Epic sword Guardian’s Will as part of Frostnite.
  • The Black Pyramid comes to The Block
  • Sniper Shootout returns for the best marksmen around.

There’s also a heap of bug fixes and small additions which you can read about here: Fortnite v7.20 Content Update.

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