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By | 15/06/2018

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ChartX Games Video Game Charts Weekly Breakdown

A new entry comes in strong and hard across console and PC video game charts this week while previous number one titles God of War and FIFA 18 return to reclaim past glory while the Nintendo Switch and PC video game charts retain their top four games from the past couple of weeks which is great news for Electronic Arts and their popular life simulation epic The Sims 4.

You can view this week’s current chart games here:

PS4 Section SpacerThis Week’s PlayStation 4 Video Game Charts Overview

A good week for Sony Interactive Entertainment in this week’s PlayStation 4 video game charts as the publisher takes 50% of the table. A God retakes the crown, a blood-sucking new entry goes straight in at the number two spot while a couple of PlayStation 4 favourites jump back in to the action.

Crown Number One GameThis Week’s PlayStation 4 Number One

Following a bump in the road from Detroit: Become Human, God of War returns this week as PlayStation video game charts’ number one AAA title.

The PS4 exclusive had previously been at the top spot since it’s release in April this year. The massively popular hack and slash, action-adventure game has seen huge sales, breaking first week sales records set by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas back in the PlayStation 2 era.

The latest God of War release is not a direct sequel to earlier games in the series but rather a re-imagining of the game series, seeing hero Kratos play his adventure out in Scandinavian territory inviting Norse Mythology over the traditional Greek mythology seen in previous titles in the saga.

God of War Screenshot

Kratos has left Olympus and now lives with his son in Midgard. Their journey begins as they set out to scatter the ashes of Kratos’ late wife according to her wishes, whereupon Kratos and son are met by various characters which leads to the setting out of the main plot of the story.

God of War was built from the ground up for the new title introducing new and vastly different game play mechanic such as an over the should, third person action camera, different weapons for Kratos swapping his signature double-chained blades for an elemental battle axe, continuous shot game play (no cinematics) and much larger enemies in combat and boss battles.

PlayStation 4 Video Game Charts New Entries

Just one new entry this week as dark and Gothic, horror action game Vampyr infects the PlayStation 4 video game charts straight in at an impressive number two position.

Set in the early 20th century, Vampyr sees the story of a newly turned creature of the night as he tries to come to terms with his affliction and find the person(s) responsible. Vampyr draws strongly on the vampire mythology seeing references to Dracula and Nosferatu as well as other Gothic materials such as Jekyll and Hyde with similar game play action and feel to the original Gothic horror game Alone in the Dark.

A mixture of good story and references, familiar yet inventive abilities and a strong Gothic and Victorian setting makes Vampyr a great game and one that highlights how there is a distinct lack of these kinds of games and even fewer which are done well.

PlayStation 4 Video Game Charts Non-Movers

Another impressive week as top AAA titles FIFA 18 and Far Cry 5 hold their positions at numbers five and six respectively. Following this week’s E3 announcement that FIFA 18 will be including a free World Cup DLC I would expect to see FIFA 18 at a higher position next week and possibly Far Cry 5 moving up as well following the release of the game’s first DLC (set in war-time Vietnam) Hours of Darkness.

PlayStation 4 Video Game Charts Moving Up

More good news for Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bethesda both of which have been having an excellent Q2 of 2018 in terms of sales of their self-published titles. Gran Turismo: Sport and PlayStation Worlds VR have re-entered the top ten PlayStation 4 video games with seemingly large sales increases at positions six and seven respectively with Fallout 4 also re-entering yet again at number eight. Fallout 4 along with other Bethesda titles has been enjoying amazing success with large sales surges over the last couple of months and with the recent news of Fallout 76 I would expect even more good news for Bethesda.

PlayStation 4 Video Game Charts Moving Down

Last week’s top game Detroit: Become Human sees some slippage as it’s forced into the number two position by returning champion God of War while last week’s surprisingly well performing Sega Mega Drive Classics sees a large fall from it’s entry point at number three down in to the number nine position.

If you want to see the results of this week’s action then you can check out the PlayStation video game charts:

PS4 Video Game Charts

Xbox One Section SpacerThis Week’s Xbox One Video Game Charts Overview

Previous number one titles seemingly take a big tumble this week while the top two sees a mirror of the PS4 video game charts with a former number one returning and knocking off last week’s top game also while elsewhere Xbox One video game charts long term residents hold their positions.


Crown Number One GameThis Week’s Xbox One Number One

Unbeatable football title FIFA 18 once again reigns supreme as it yet again is at the top spot for EA Sports.

Since release in September 2018 FIFA 18 has sold in the millions across all platforms including Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch and has earned several high end awards and nominations including:

  • Game Critics Award – Best Sports Game 2017 (Winner)
  • Sports Game of the Year – 21st DICE Annual Game Awards 2018 (Winner)
  • Best Multiplayer Game – Golden Joystick Awards 2017 (Nominee)
  • Best Sports Game – The Game Awards 2017 (Nominee)

FIFA 18 World Cup Screenshot

The game play of FIFA 18 includes authentic club football from all over the world with fifty-two stadiums which includes all twenty English Premier League such as Liverpool F.C. and Manchester United and all of their player rosters.

Players can progress through a story mode of the game with a fictional character named Alex Hunter, whereas career progression is tracked and played from low level clubs to higher end clubs with the chance to win accolades such as The F.A. Cup and The Premier League.

Also, for the first time the game includes female teams and more recently a World Cup DLC which is available now.

Xbox One Video Game Charts New Entries

Just one new entry this week for Xbox One as well as dark and Gothic, horror action game Vampyr also goes into the Xbox One video game charts at the number three position.

Strong Victorian and Gothic horror style story has the player taking control of a newly created vampire, who also happens to be a doctor, as he traverses London trying o find out what and who happened to him.

As the Gothic tale unfold the character gets stronger with powerful vampire abilities such as speed and strength as well as intuitive combat techniques like slashing with claws for one-hit kills and biting to replenish health.

As the game is set in the early 20th century, familiar Gothic tale references such as Dracula and Jekyll and Hyde give the game an authenticity while players of old-style action, adventure games such as Alone in the Dark will feel right at home.

Xbox One Video Game Charts Non-Movers

Two holders for Microsoft Studios as self-published best-sellers Sea of Thieves and Playerunknown’s Battle Grounds both hold off positions five and six respectively, while DOOM sticks around at position eight.

I would keep an eye on both Microsoft Studios titles in the near future as this week’s E3 2018 revealed DLC for both of these massively popular games, so I would expect them to return to the top half of the table soon.

Xbox One Video Game Charts Moving Up

Just one climber this week as Fallout 4 continues it’s sales surge for Bethesda climbing from position seven to position eight. A trend I expect to continue following a recent reveal of Fallout 76 as this year’s E3 and Grand Theft Auto V re-enters the Xbox One video gamer charts where it skirts at the number ten position.

Xbox One Video Game Charts Moving Down

Two slippages this week as previous number one game Far Cry 5 continues a steady fall into the number seven spot along with Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition which now sits at number nine, licking it’s wounds from a disastrous six position fall.

Take a look for yourself and check the Xbox One video game charts here:

Xbox One Video Game Charts

Nintendo Switch Section SpacerThis Week’s Nintendo Switch Video Game Charts Overview

It’s the usual scene at the Nintendo Switch video game charts this week as Nintendo takes up 8/10 of the table with the top five games being self-published Nintendo titles, only broken by EA Sports.

Crown Number One GameThis Week’s Nintendo Switch Number One

As it may come as no surprise Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still at the number one spot for a third week running. There are also no new entries nor are there any slippages this week. Just Non-movers and climbers.

Mari Kart 8 Screeenshot

Seeming to only be moved upon the release of a new game, which for Nintendo Switch is extremely rare, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe achieves phenomenal sales for the handheld console, a feat made even more impressive when you consider that it’s not even a Switch game. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a remaster of Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Wii-U.

Re-master features include:

  • All DLC from the original
  • New playable characters
  • New and updated tracks
  • Four player racing
  • 1080p resolution on a compatible HD TV

Nintendo Switch Video Game Charts Moving Up

All titles appear to have been moved up by one position following the exit of last week’s new entry Street Fighter: 30thAnniversary from the top ten which is good news for LEGO Marvel Superheroes which now sits at the number ten position. Other titles seeing a climb are:

  • Splatoon 2 at number five
  • FIFA 18 at number six
  • Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition at number seven
  • Nintendo LABO Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit at number eight
  • 1-2 Switch at number nine

If you are curious then you can check out the Nintendo Switch charts:

Nintendo Switch Video Game Charts

PC Games Section SpacerThis Week’s PC Video Game Charts Overview

Similar to Nintendo Switch, the PC video game charts this week has the top four as non-movers while most of the other titles have moved up a spot or down a spot.


Crown Number One GameThis Week’s PC Games Number One

The Sims 4 returns (again) to the number one spot. Having a fall down the charts in recent weeks because of some newly released games The Sims 4 has managed to get a platinum plumbob and claw it’s way back to the number one position with a couple of expansions in tow.

Sims 4 Seasons Snowman

The Sims 4 is the fourth generation in the hugely popular The Sims series and is a continuing solid sales machine for Electronic Arts and continues it’s predecessor’s patterns as it seemingly hasn’t left the top ten PC video game charts since it’s release in 2014.

The newly announced The Sims 4: Seasons which is out next Friday (June 22nd 2018) may have helped the title regain glory as well as marketing campaign to celebrate the release of the title (and select expansions) on consoles. You can get your Sims ready for Seasons with the ChartX Games Sims 4 Custom Content Seasons Guide which should tide you over until release.

PC Video Game Charts New Entries

A dark mist descends over London as Vampyr strolls in the PC video game charts at number six this week.

A Gothic tale of horror and intrigue from DontNod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive, Vampyr sees the main character trying to figure out what happened to cause his curse as a blood sucker while he also fights to realise the true gravity of his situation. Although Vampire RPG-esque game, Vampyr is not related to any of the previously released vampire RPG game such as Vampire: The Masquerade. Vampyr is it’s own title, set in Gothic/Victorian, turn of the century London.

Excellent story and familiar game mechanics make the most of what could easily have been an awful game. Gothic and horror fans will notice the references, action fans will love the combat and ability upgrades and for the more cerebral gamers, there is plenty of opportunity for exploration and puzzle-solving.

PC Video Game Charts Non-Movers

The song remains the same for the top four PC video game charts’ titles with The Sims 4 at number one followed by:

  • Football Manager 2018
  • The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs
  • The Sims 4: City Living
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset

Another great week for The Sims 4 and expansions which continue to just print money for Electronic Arts. Although Bethesda has seen excellent sales from other titles it’s a very disappointing release for the latest Elder Scrolls Online expansion DLC The Elder Scrolls Summerset which sits at the number nine position following a very brief crown of glory at the top spot when it was “pre-released” two weeks ago.

PC Video Game Charts Moving Up

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare continues a sluggish climb up one position the charts into the number five spot while Wolfenstien II: The New Colossus also trails up a position at number eight. Both of these titles have been moving up and down the charts since their re-entry a while ago and are seemingly selling well for Activision and Bethesda respectively.

PC Video Game Charts Moving Down

The only slippage in this week’s PC video game charts comes from Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition which has slipped two places from number five to seven.

You can view the action via the PC video game charts here:

PC Video Game Charts

This Week’s Video Game Charts at a Glance

First off it’s a great start for Vampyr which has seen respectable new entry positions across PS4, Xbox One and PC where it sits at positions two, three and six respectively only being held off by very well-established and best-selling AAA titles like God of War, FIFA 18 and The Sims 4.

Sony seem to have a strong foothold in the PlayStation 4 video game charts taking an entire 50% of the top ten positions with the likes of:

  • God of War
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • PlayStation VR Worlds
  • Gran Turismo: Sport
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

While the usual published Electronic Art, Bethesda and Ubisoft fight over the remaining positions.

A disappointing week for Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios as State of Decay 2 is knocked off the top spot after two weeks by football king FIFA 18. However, Microsoft Studios still retains some good positions with Sea of Thieves and PUBG which have held their positions while GTA V comes back after a few weeks of absence due to new releases and a slip in sales.

Same old, same old at the Nintendo charts where the top spot is taken yet again by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the next three slots filled by Nintendo self-published titles. Nintendo is seeing extremely good sales of it’s own games having taken up 80% of the charts for the past couple of weeks with games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild and 1-2 Switch.

While over on the PC it’s a similar situation with no change in the top four this week which is great news for EA games as The Sims 4 is yet again number one while two The Sims 4 expansions sit slots three and four while The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset continues a steady and disappointing descent down the top ten.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your views on this week’s AAA video game charts.

You can view this week’s current chart games here:

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

– Michael, Editor – ChartX Games

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