Warframe for Nintendo Switch Performing Well

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Warframe for Nintendo Switch has been performing well for the game’s developer TennoCon since release.

Warframe for Nintendo Switch has been performing well for the game’s developer since release.

The popular online free-to-play game’s developer, Digital Extremes, has worked with a well-known port studio to bring the game to Switch.

Panic Button, a respected port studio had received the contract to handle Warframe.

The company has a well-established history of porting triple-A titles across multiple platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo products.

Some of their most notable ports include Injustice: Gods Among Us for PlayStation Vita, Rocket League for Nintendo Switch and the upcoming Doom Eternal for Switch also.

Warframe is an extremely popular online third-person shooter that can be enjoyed completely free of charge.

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Originally released for Windows PC in 2013, the game later found a new and very successful home on PlayStation 4 and was released for Switch in 2018.

Set in a dystopian future, the main story of the game sees a bloody war between an ancient human warrior race and technology-enhanced, self-replicating machines.

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Warframe is noted for its excellent triple-A gameplay usually reserved for high priced games such as Destiny 2, Call of Duty or Titanfall.

The usual shooter elements are present in the game, however additional game mechanics such as R.P.G and stealth elements are present.

Another traditional system in the game is its player upgrade mechanic that uses the familiar experience and level up paradigm.

Story missions can be played alone or with four other players in a co-op P.V.P mode.

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Although the game is designed to be free-to-play, the game does use microtransactions for certain items in the game.

However, it should be noted that unlike some similar games in the genre, everything can be acquired completely free through grinding.

Warframe has been around for seven years now and is currently on its sixth expansion pack.

New content such as the mentioned expansions, as well as new weapons and upgrades are regularly added to the game.

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Respected gaming outlets such as PC Gamer and IGN have scored Warframe with an impressive 86% and 8.6 respectively.

The game has also won various awards including “Best Ongoing Game” from Golden Joystick in 2017 and “Best Action Game” in 2019 from the Webby Awards.

At the moment, Warframe currently has over 50 million active players and is still attracting new players because of their commitment to providing new content for free.

Warframe tells an epic story across multiple expansions and considering everything is free, there is no reason you should not play it.

This awesome game is available now across multiple platforms including Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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2 thoughts on “Warframe for Nintendo Switch Performing Well

  1. Jerry

    Nice post. I was very close to getting into Warframe, but decided not to because I wanted to play on my PC, but my gaming friends are all on Xbox. I think it’s great that they were able to port it over to the Switch, but I think the next step is to implement cross-play. Hopefully they’ll try to do that this year, but we’ll see!

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Yeah, it was out on PC originally so that’s where the majority of its playerbase was, however Warframe became quite popular on PS4.

      It will be great if they develop a crossplay feature and since it shows no sign of slowing down, this is a possibility in the future.

      Thanks for commenting Jerry.



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