Watch Dogs 2 PS Now Available for a Limited Time

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The growing list of games now includes the blockbuster Watch Dogs 2 PS Now game as well as Street Fighter V and Hello Neighbor.

Released in 2016, the game was developed and published by Ubisoft and is a sequel to 2014’s Watch Dogs.

The sequel moves the action across to the other side of the United States from Chicago to a fictionalized Northern California.

Playable areas include San Francisco, Oakland, Marin and Silicon Valley.

The game takes the form of a third-person, open-world action game similar to Grand Theft Auto.

Watch Dogs 2 Official Trailer (PS4)

Also similar to GTA, the game world can be traversed on foot or in a multitude of vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and boats.

The main game mechanic in the Watch Dogs series is its use of an in-game hacking system.

Characters in the game have access to prototype software tools that allow remote hacking of anything connected to the internet.

This is done via an app on their mobile devices and can be used to change traffic signals, control security cameras and deceive ATMs among other things.

Because of the game’s mechanics, missions can be completed non violently and stealthily rather than going in “guns blazing”, as it where.

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While the game received mixed reviews just as the first title did, Watch Dogs 2 has sold over 10 million copies since its release.

High scores of 8 and 8.5 out of 10 from Polygon and IGN respectively indicate that Watch Dogs 2 is a game that should definitely be picked up.

Some other games have been added to the list this month and include Street Fighter V and Hello Neighbour.

PS Now’s schedule of game releases from now on will always include two AAA titles and one indie title.

Released in 2020, Street Fighter V is one of the latest titles in the epic Street Fighter series.

Street Fighter V PS Now

This edition is presented in the game’s iconic 2-D Japanese style and includes favorite characters such as Cammy, Bison, Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken.

The game’s story is set between Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter 4.

Hello Neighbour is a stylish and well-recieved indie game from 2017.

The game has the player trying to sneak into a neighbor’s basement after hearing a scream and witnessing someone being locked in said basement.

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Combining elements of stealth, survival horror and action, you must escape the neighbor using throwing objects and hiding places.

Being caught by the neighbor means rethinking your approach as he will remember where you were and will set traps accordingly.

Street Fighter V and Hello Neighbor are available to stream or download now.

Watch Dogs 2 is available now until October 5, 2020, as part of a valid PS Now subscription.

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2 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2 PS Now Available for a Limited Time

  1. Tom

    Hey Michael,

    I love your site because it is the time of year for my nephew’s birthday in July. He is an absolute fanatic when it comes to PS (almost as much as you), and I love getting him new games. I am definitely going to be looking into these games and getting him one of them.

    What would you say would be the best for a 15 year old’s birthday present?

    I look forward to hearing back. Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work you are doing on your site.

    All the best,


    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hey Tom, sorry for the delay.

      There are currently a lot of great games available and 15 is an age that is difficult to buy for. Not quite an adult yet not really a child!

      You may also not know the types of games he enjoys si what I always do and what people do for me is purchase PlayStation vouchers. That way we can all get what we want.

      You can get these vouchers at large video game retailers and supermarkets, or you can purchase them at a discount from CD Keys here:

      Please note that you should use your genuine email address when buying keys online so you can use them without any problems.

      There’s a handy guide to CD Keys here:



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