Xbox Servers Offline Last Night

By | 31/07/2019
Xbox Servers Offline



Many UK, US and European users were unable to log in or access movies and TV after an unknown cause knocked Xbox servers offline for over 12 hours.

Xbox services for both Europe and the United States were hit by severe server outages last night causing havoc for gamers across the two continents.

In a live response to the devastating server downtime, Microsoft took to Twitter to assure users that they were working on the issue:

“We have teams working on sign-in issues on console & at right now! This includes any error messages you may be seeing when trying to log back in after a disconnect. Please watch here for updates as available.”

Later, Microsoft also stated that the issues had been resolved and that users should log out and then log back in to resume normal service.

However, long after this statement was released, thousands of users reported that the problems persisted and that there was no online functionality on their Xbox machines.

Xbox One Front
Users were unable to access Xbox One online services

Following restored functionality to log in and gaming services, Xbox users were still reporting that there were issues with access to purchased movies via Xbox Movies and TV such as Avengers: Endgame.

While Xbox Live’s official server status page shows everything running as normal, some users are still taking to to state that their services are still unavailable.

Xbox isn’t the only system to suffer attacks, PlayStation 4 had a severe two-day outage last month:

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It seems that while the vast majority of service may have been resumed, not all functionality has been restored to the entire system.

Microsoft has, of course, released the obligatory series of Tweets reassuring users that they are working hard to fix the problem, which I am sure they are, however they have not yet offered an explanation for colossal server outage.

Xbox Movies and TV
Movies and TV was also unavailable during and after the outage

The latest service downtime comes just exactly one week after other server issues plagued Xbox users on July 24th.

Problems with the Microsoft Store servers barred access to people wishing to make online purchases for games such as new games and movies, and in some cases also prevented users from accessing previously purchased content of the same type including DLC for popular games and subscriptions.

From browsing Xbox Support’s official Twitter page, there appears to be a clearly identifiable pattern an almost weekly break down of some kind, whether it be subscription access or movie restrictions.

From the individual lost services over the past month, it would have been easy to assume that a larger outage may have been inevitable, where access to all services was lost, rather than on their own.

The fact that Microsoft has kept quiet about the cause of these outages may lead one to suspect that small DDoS attacks may have taken place, culminating in last night’s larger attack.

However, DDoS attack or not, it appears Microsoft was quick to respond to the issue and has at the time of writing, for the large part, restored functionality to the vast majority of its users.

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