The Sims 4 New Update Adds Hispanic Flavor

By | 16/10/2020

  In their ongoing diversity efforts, The Sims 4 new update includes Hispanic food, clothing and decor. The Sims team always tries to include as much diversity as their games allow and the latest update is no different. In the past, we have seen a Caribbean update, Chinese New Year and Mexican Day of the… Read More »

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Iconic List of Video Game Consoles

By | 14/10/2020

  With PlayStation 5 and Xbox One just around the corner, now might be a good time to talk about a list of video game consoles that made them possible. You never forget your first…video games console, that is. Consoles have been giving gamers the ultimate gaming experience for decades now. While today’s modern consoles… Read More »

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Star Wars: Squadrons Single-Player Review

By | 09/10/2020

  Star Wars: Squadrons single-player offers a fun mix of space simulation battles from both sides of the war including X-Wings and TIE Fighters. The game does have a multiplayer component but this Star Wars: Squadrons review focuses on the single-player campaign. Developed by Motive Studios and published by Electronic Arts, Squadrons has been a… Read More »

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10 Signs that You’re a True Gamer

By | 07/10/2020

  With all the great titles of recent years, it’s easy for gaming to take over your life so here are 10 signs that you’re a true gamer. Gaming used to be something that was reserved for the “geeky”, and now it’s something that everyone, everywhere gets involved in. Sure, gaming has developed so much… Read More »

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Get Revved Up with PS Plus October 2020 Update

By | 05/10/2020

  PS Plus October 2020 games will give you the Need for Speed with Payback or let you sink your teeth into Vampyr. Each month we are treated to some excellent games as part of our PS Plus subscription. The games offered aren’t always to everyone’s taste and usually, we get one AAA game and… Read More »

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5 Fun Things to Do in Lockdown for Gamers

By | 30/09/2020

  It might seem like there’s no end to the misery with many games delayed because of Coronavirus and new restrictions being placed on us, so here are some fun things to do in lockdown for fellow gamers. COVID-19 came, and so did lockdown. Then things started to improve, and we were allowed out again… Read More »

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Animal Crossing Fall Update 2020 Adds Spooky Surprises

By | 28/09/2020

  With Halloween just around the corner, the latest reveal for the Animal Crossing Fall update teases some new spooky activities. These include growing pumpkins for new recipes, Halloween costume dress-up and finally some new eye colors. Between the release time of the Animal Crossing September update and Halloween, you can use the time to… Read More »

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