How to Unlock Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark

What is an Abyssal Dungeon?

Abyssal Dungeon is an endgame activity in Lost Ark, featuring three Tiers and 18 different dungeons. Each Abyssal Dungeon features its own set of enemies and challenges, varying minimum Item Level requirements, and a unique set of rewards.

Since Abyssal Dungeons is an endgame activity, you’ll have to complete a certain part of the game’s main storyline first before you can start participating in Abyssal Dungeons.

How to Unlock Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark

You can unlock Abyssal Dungeons after you complete the Vern questline. More specifically, Abyssal Dungeons will be unlocked after you complete the quest “She Waits, He Leaves”.

She Waits, He Leaves is the 19th quest in the North Vern questline and comes right after you complete To Ancient Elveria but before you talk to Queen Ealyn again in the quest Ealyn’s Gift.

In this quest, all you have to do is report back to Guildmaster Gideon, speak with Thar, speak with Avele, and then talk to Thar again to bid farewell to him. You can find this quest in Rania Village in North Vern.

Abyssal Dungeon Rewards

Rewards between each Abyssal Dungeon will differ, but you can expect to get Gear, Currency, Gold, Accessories, and many other rewards from each Abyssal Dungeon.

  • Abyssal Gear
  • Gold
  • Accessories with class engravings
  • Battle Engravings
  • Class Engravings
  • Ability Stones
  • Card Packs
  • Honing Materials

Despite the juicy set of rewards you can get from running Abyssal Dugeons, Gold is arguably the primary reason so many players run Abyssal Dungeons every week. As a repeatable event that rewards one of the game’s most valuable currencies, the Abyssal Dungeon is one of the most important endgame activities you must not miss every week.

Is Abyssal Dungeon and Abyss Raid the same?

Abyssal Dungeons and Abyss Raids are both endgame activities in Lost Ark. Both are dungeon-type activities with a specific set of enemies, but key event mechanics separate these two events, making them both unique from one another.

Abyssal Dungeons

Abyssal Dungeons can be seen as a cross between a Chaos Dungeon and a Guardian Raid.

In Abyssal Dungeons, you work together with your group to take down powerful dungeon bosses. You are given unlimited tires to complete an Abyssal Dungeon, but you can only respawn after your teammates beat the boss or when the rest of your team is wiped out.

Abyss Raid

Abyss Raids are more similar to Guardian Raids than they are to an Abyssal Dungeon.

In Abyss Raids, two groups consisting of four players work together to take down the featured Abyss Raid Boss, who, at this time, is Argos. Like Abyssal Dungeons or Guardian Raids, Abyss Raids will have phases, where the boss exhibits a specific move set for each phase.

The entire group is only given four revives, making deaths severely punishing in Abyss Raids. The revives are replenished after the group completes a phase.


The Abyssal Dungeon is fairly easy to unlock in Lost Ark, only requiring you to complete a quest called She Waits, He Leaves in the North Vern questline. You won’t have to do anything special to unlock this endgame event, simply play through the game’s storyline and you will eventually unlock Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark.

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