How to Trade Accessories with Alt Characters in Lost Ark

Can you Transfer Accessories to other characters in Lost Ark?

You can share Accessories with your other characters in Lost Ark. If the accessory hasn’t been altered and is unbound after you pick the item up, you should have no problems sharing the accessory with other players and characters.

Once an accessory has been upgraded or changed, you can no longer trade these with your other characters. Moreover, some accessories will have a trade limit. When the trade limit is reached, the accessory will become ineligible for transfer/trade. Lastly, you can only trade accessories between two characters of the same or lower Item Level than your alt character.

How Do You Give Accessories To Alt Characters in Lost Ark

You can send accessories to your alt characters in Lost Ark via the in-game mail system. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to any Mail Carrier NPC in any major city in the game.
  2. At the Mail Carrier NPC, choose the Write Letter option.
  3. Under Write Letter, choose between Normal Mail or Express Mail.
  4. Enter the name of your Alt Character.
  5. Choose a Delivery Payment or Amount to Send
  6. Attach the accessory you want to send over to your Alt Character.
  7. Click Send.

Keep in mind that you can only access Normal Mail through the Mail Carrier NPC. For Express Mail, you can open these while you’re anywhere in the game. Normal Mail will cost 30 Silver while Express Mail will cost more at 2,000 Silver.

Is there Storage Between Characters in Lost Ark?

You can share items between characters in Lost Ark through the Storage Keep NPC found in any major city in the game. Look for the chest icon in major cities like Luterra Castle or Vern Castle and talk to the Storage Keep NPC to access your Personal and Roster Storage.

You can share items with your other characters by transferring these items to your Roster Storage. Your other characters can access these items by talking to the Storage Keep NPC.

Should you sell gear in Lost Ark?

Dismantling Gear will always give you back more money than you would if you sold your gear to any merchant NPC in Lost Ark. If you’re running out of storage or want to get rid of extra items in your inventory, dismantle the gear first, then sell the Broken Gear powder at any merchant to get some silver back.

If you’re already sitting on a ton of Silver and simply want to get rid of extra gear, then selling them at the nearest merchant can be a quick and easy way of removing extra gear and freeing up space in your inventory.


Trading Accessories between your characters in Lost Ark is easy, and you can do it at very little cost. Head to the Mail Carrier NPC and attach the accessory you want to send to your Alt Character in Lost Ark to send over extra accessories from your inventory. Remember that you can only send accessories to an Alt Character of a similar or lower Item Level than your main character.

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