Shadespire Floor 24 Guide Lost Ark

What is Shadespire Floor 24?

Shadespire Floor 24 is the 24th challenge of the Shadespire Tower in Lost Ark. In case you didn’t know, Shadespire offers 50 floors with unique item-level requirements, Time Limits, and Objectives. No two floors are the same in the Shadespire Tower, making it an exciting and fresh endgame activity every time.

Floor 24 requires Item Level 240 and has a time limit of ten minutes. The recommended items are Grenades and Shield Potions.

How to Beat Shadespire Floor 24

The main objective for Floor 24 in the Shadespire Tower is to defeat all enemies and bosses that spawn on the floor. Sounds simple, right? It is, but you must consider the challenging mechanics come with Floor 24.

Start by destroying the Seal Stone in the middle of Floor 24, which should spawn an NPC called Lir, also known as the Sword of Purification. After Lir spawns, defeat the enemies that spawn on the floor then prepare to face four Perfect Infected bosses.

Use Lir to your advantage – let him draw the enemies’ attention so you don’t take extra damage from enemies. Deal with the Perfect Infected bosses, then prepare to face a final wave of bosses in the form of two Prodigal Stokers. Once again, let Lir do most of the work, aggro-ing the enemies and drawing their attention away from you. This way, you get enough space to deal some damage uninterrupted.

Shadespire Floor 24 Rewards

Rewards for completing each floor on the Shadespire Tower are unique from one floor to the next. For Floor 24, expect an Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch on your first run-through, and a Harmony Shard Pouch (M) on subsequent clears.

Floors 21-24 offer similar rewards for both first and subsequent clears. After Floor 24, you can get more valuable rewards like the Epic-Masterpiece #17, Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest, and Guardian Stone Fragments.

How many rewards are in the Tower?

You can get one reward after you complete one floor of the Tower. Since there are 50 floors in the Tower, expect to get 50 unique rewards for completing all the floors the first time. Subsequent clear rewards are different, so expect to get another 50 unique items on your second run-through.

Tower rewards consist mostly of upgrade materials such as Stone Fragments, Harmony Shards, Guardian Stones, Leapstones, Engravings, and some select Collectibles.


Shadespire Floor 24 is one of the more interesting sections of the tower’s early areas. Floor 24 introduces a unique NPC mechanic through Lir, the Sword of Purification, where you can use Lir as a scapegoat to lure and distract enemies while you deal damage unabated.

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