Locations of All Illusion Isle Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Where is Illusion Isle?

Illusion Isle is located in the Sceptrum Ocean, south of Shushire and north of North Vern. You should be able to find Illusion Isle very easily as it is the only island in the Rayan Current – a small patch of Siren Seas just south of Shushire.

If you still have problems finding Illusion Isle, use the World Map search bar to pinpoint the island’s location.

  1. Bring up the World Map by pressing M on your keyboard.
  2. In the upper right corner of the World Map, enter Illusion Isle in the search bar.
  3. Press enter or click on the search result to pinpoint Illusion Isle’s location on the map.

Where are all the Mokoko Seeds on Illusion Isle?

There are only three Mokoko Seeds on Illusion Isle, and thankfully, all three can be accessed without Sheet Music such as the Song of Resonance or Forest’s Minuet.

The first Mokoko Seed can be found in the southeastern end of the map. Refer to the map below to find the first Mokoko Seed’s general location, then once you’re there, look for ruins with a dead tree. You might have to walk next to the tree to find the Mokoko Seed as it will be hidden from your normal POV.

The other two Mokoko Seeds are hidden in a secret area at the eastern end of Illusion Isle. Refer to the map image below to find the area’s location then simply walk east from the pillar to access the secret area. The two Mokoko Seeds should be next to each other in the secret area.

Illusion Isle Rewards

There aren’t a ton of rewards on Illusion Isle since the island does not have a questline like other islands in the game. With that said, you can expect a chest from random spawns in the area and possibly a Legendary secret map as well.

  • Illusion Isle Token
  • Illusion Isle Loot
  • Scret Map
  • Adventure: Dolmen

What is Super Mokoko Express in Lost Ark?

The Super Mokoko Express is a limited-time event in Lost Ark. The event was meant to help players get from Item Level 1415 to 1540 through the following bonuses:

  • Increased Honing rates.
  • Reduced Stone, Leapstone, Fusion Material, Shard, and Silver on Honing attempts.
  • Gold cost reduction.
  • Upgrade XP cost reduction.
  • Engraving Support (Choice of 5 Level 3 Engravings for free)

Aside from these bonuses, you can also get various rewards for reaching new Item Levels, such as

  • Honing Material Pouch
  • Honing Material Pouch OO
  • Useful Gear Honing Material Pouch
  • Useful Gear Honing Materials Pouch II

If you manage to reach Item Level 1540 during the event, you will be rewarded Silver, Gold, Pheons, Gem Pouches, Card Packs, Honing Materials, Rapport Gifts, Coins, and various Seals.


Getting all three Mokoko Seeds on Illusion Isle is much easier than getting the Illusion Isle Token. The former only requires you to find the Mokoko Seeds while the latter requires a ton of RNG to acquire. While there are only three Mokoko Seeds on Illusion Isle, these are pretty easy to get and should get you closer to your next Mokoko Reward.

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