I’ve Played the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 and It’s Amazing

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Square Enix has finally released a demo for the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 and it’s everything we have been waiting for.

March 2nd 2020 marked a very long-awaited date for millions of Final Fantasy fans the world over.

The demo for a Final Fantasy remake was finally released after numerous teasers, rumors and a very long development time.

A remake of what is considered the best Final Fantasy title in the series was first teased back in the days of the PlayStation 2.

The game, however, didn’t materialize and after many years with an abundance of speculation, a remake of Final Fantasy VII was finally confirmed in 2019.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Official Trailer

The story in the remake is pretty much the same, as are the characters and setting.

Once again, we see mercenary Cloud and friends fighting against the evil mega-corporation Shinra.

Right from the off, the visual presentation of the game is extremely impressive.

The graphics, direction and audio are all worthy of current-generation technology.

This instantly rids you of all fear that this may be just another remaster made for a quick sale.

It is not.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4
Final Fantasy VII Remake – Intro

Developed using Unreal Engine 4, Final Fantasy VII is visually striking and with all the lighting, physics and mechanics you would expect of an Unreal Engine game.

Square Enix is known for its amazing presentation skills, going right back to the original FF VII for PlayStation One.

Their style has been refined over the years, most notably with Final Fantasy X on PlayStation 2 right up to the current games.

Much like the current games, most notably Final Fantasy XV, the control uses a real-time R.P.G system.

This is an ingenious system that works amazingly well.

Rather than the usual stationary pick an action and strike system, the action is played out like a hack and slash game that pauses for item use.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screenshot 01
Final Fantasy VII Remake – Midgar City

While this system may be controversial among die-hard R.P.G fans, it serves to make the action more urgent and forces you to really think about your next move.

Items and magic used are dependant on the Active Time Battle system which fills with each attack.

Each item or spell requires a certain amount of A.T.B which forces you to try to balance between attacks and items used.

The frivolous use of items depletes A.T.B which you may later rely on during a fight.

While using the pause system is my preferred method, the game can also be played without this by assigning items and spells to buttons.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screenshot 04
Finaly Fantasy VII Remake – Shinra Mako Reactor

The system also allows you to switch to other members of the party or assign actions to them.

This is a great control system that allows for a fluid style of combat since there is a mixture of enemies that may require different damage.

For example, Cloud can only perform close combat attacks using his Buster Sword, while Barret will be needed for ranged attacks using his Gun-Arm.

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The usual magic attacks are also present in the game with each character utilizing different elements.

Cloud can throw fireballs while Barret can strike lightning and heal party members.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screenshot 03
Final Fantasy VII Remake – Cloud Strife

Cloud is a former Shinra soldier and is now a mercenary working with an eco-terrorist group known as Avalanche.

The intriguing dystopian setting of the game shines through thanks to the graphics engine and the developer’s talents.

Going from a beautiful intro straight into the game, the action begins right away as you control Cloud through a heavily guarded train station.

The objective is to make your way past several guards and into the main chamber in order to destroy a Shinra Mako reactor.

These small battles serve as the game’s well-presented tutorial system that introduces you to the game’s mechanics.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screenshot 02
Final Fantasy VII Remake – Station Guards

Gameplay and battles are fluid, smooth and extremely intuitive.

It is amazing how the developers have been able to place so much control into a simple system.

The presentation is amazing, the story is intriguing and the characters are well developed.

In a current climate of lackluster remasters, this is one example that stands out as was the case with last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake.

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I must admit, I haven’t played the original but right away I am impressed by this remake.

The revamped game is stunning and doesn’t feel like a title from over 20 years ago.

This is a true example of how a remake should be done and one that is sure to impress newcomers to the series as well as older fans.

Final Fantasy VII remake will be available on 10th April 2020 for PlayStation 4.

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8 thoughts on “I’ve Played the Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 and It’s Amazing

  1. Richard Hannaford

    Wow what and incredible article. While I am not a gamer I can sense the excitement of the author over the improvements to the game over past editions. Sounds like the build- up before release was exceptionally long. Very well written. A couple of my sons would absolutely love this game.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Richard.

      There will be more news upon release so tell your sons to check back.


  2. Lawrence

    Great to see!

    Love the Final Fantasy Series, and really good to see they are making it even better by producing re-makes that are not just a money-making re-hash.

    It’s been a long time coming and I’m sure it will be worth the wait. The graphics and game-play look amazing. Keep me informed please.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      This has certainly been a long wait, Lawrence.

      It worked out better that they took their time and waited until now.

      They didn’t rush it, and it shows.


  3. Jerry

    Nice article! The hype around this remake has been around for years and as a longtime fan of the series, especially of this entry, it’s nice to finally see how it’s starting to shape up. I’ve played several hundreds of hours of FFVII and consider it one of my top 3 favorite RPG’s of all time.

    I will say that the action RPG style of combat is a bit of a disappointment, at least to me, but I didn’t expect it to be turn based like the original was. However, this is a minor gripe and nothing to big of a deal.

    A couple of concerns I have though is that since this game is being released in episodes, how long will we have to wait to play it in its entirety? Will it be ported to PC? Also, will the optional party members and hidden bosses in the original version become mandatory or will SE go the DLC route?

    I guess we’ll find out, but great post in the meantime!

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      I thought that the combat system may be a gripe for some people, but I personally like it, although the old system did allow you to relax a little. They may add in a classic option though, so who knows?

      As for the episodes, there isn’t really any specific news on this yet and I do think that this is a disappointment.

      As far as I am aware this is a timed PS4 exclusive until November, but until then Square hasn’t stated whether it will be available for PC however since most FF games are available for Windows, I would expect it to be so.

      Optional party members and hidden bosses will probably play out the same way as the original, however, Square has stated that there are some changes such as Sephiroth being present and side missions have been designed with quality over quantity in mind.

      Until it’s released, we won’t really know specifics.

      Thanks for the great questions, Jerry.


  4. Sylvia Guillemette

    WOW! I haven’t played Final Fantasy VII in years! It was a lot of fun then and I was hoping at some point to get a game console and the game to play again.

    I really appreciate the update!

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Sylvia and thanks for commenting.

      I’m glad you found the article useful and that you are looking forward to the game.

      Check back often for more gaming news.



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