New NFL 2K Game Confirmed by Developers

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A new NFL 2K game series has been confirmed by both the football league and the game’s developer.

It appears that multiple projects have been planned but no details as to what these are have been confirmed.

In a recent statement, the President of 2K games, David Ismailer, had this to say:

“The NFL is one of the most successful sports brands in the world, known for creating incredible entertainment for fans.

We’re thrilled to be back in business with the NFL in a partnership that will span multiple video games centered on fun, approachable, and social experiences”.

Judging by this initial statement, it suggests that 2K will focus more on a multiplayer gameplay aspect rather than adding in team management as with Electronic Arts’ Madden series.

EA Madden NFL 2020
EA Madden NFL 2020

Although E.A games have had a long exclusivity deal with the NFL, the league seemingly feels that it is time to let someone else in on the action.

NFL 2K will be a direct competitor to E.A’s long-running and hugely successful Madden series.

E.A has also been quick to release a statement confirming that they are indeed still going to be developing Madden games and that this isn’t the end of their contract.

In a press release, E.A stated:

E.A Sports is the exclusive publisher of NFL simulation games, and our partnership with the NFL and NFLPA remains unchanged.

It has been noted that E.A uses the term “NFL simulation games” and that the new NFL 2K games may be in development with more of an arcade-style.

EA Madden NFL 2020
EA Madden NFL 2020

The games are confirmed as still being in the early stages of development and no details have been made public.

While these titles may be a welcome alternative to E.A’s very realistic Madden series, they aren’t the first NFL 2K games.

Back in 1999, before E.A signed their long term deal with the NFL, NFL 2K was a very successful installment of American Football games.

For the next five years right up to 2004, 2K games developed NFL titles for Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and Xbox under the NFL 2K title with the latter two titles having ESPN attached to the projects.

EA Madden NFL 2020
EA Madden NFL 2020

It was following the development of the latest NFL 2K title that E.A managed to procure a full license deal with the NFL in 2005.

Since then, E.A has enjoyed sole exclusivity and license rights as the chief developer of NFL titles under the Madden moniker.

However, even though 2K hasn’t developed NFL games for quite some time, they do enjoy huge success with their NBA 2K series which sometimes outperforms E.A’s NBA Live series.

NBA 2K20: Click to enlarge…

2K also develops officially licensed hockey titles backed by the NHL which is also a direct competitor with E.A’s NHL series.

When it comes to American sports games, the choices are simple.

Just as with European football titles, you may ask:

Do I get E.A’s FIFA, or do I get Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer?

With NFL, NHL and NBA, you may ask:

E.A or 2K?

Whatever your preferred developer is, both of these publishers are at the top of their game and neither can be thought of as better than the other.

Mostly, this just comes down to a personal preference of gameplay style and control systems.

I’m sure that whatever 2K does end up developing for the NFL, it will be nothing short of great.

NFL 2K has been scheduled for a 2021 release date with more details yet to be confirmed.

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