Xbox One UI Update Merges Series X, PC and Mobile Features

By | 26/08/2020



With Microsoft’s next-gen console set to launch soon, an Xbox One UI update closer resembles the new machine’s interface and adds unifying features.

Going forward, Microsoft has plans to bring it’s operating system families closer together in order to make it easier to access cross-platform information.

For example, the mobile app can display messages sent to your Xbox One avatar while Xbox One game libraries can be viewed or accessed via Windows 10.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X Experience

Not all features are available yet but rather they are being rolled out sequentially to coincide with the Series X release.

According to Microsoft, the aim is to provide a unified experience across different devices.

Some of the improved features include customizable tabs, quick access buttons and a new next-gen dashboard.

A key feature of the new look is to provide a cleaner feel so that everything is understandable at a glance.

Xbox One UI Update
Xbox One UI Update

This means clearer text, improved on-screen elements and cleaner tile layouts.

Microsoft’s new “Velocity Architecture” and “Quick Resume” technology are set to be implemented which means up to 40% quicker loading times for the Home Screen.

The improved Home Screen shows relevant information clearly and concisely such as game tiles, Game Pass, friend activities and relevant ads.

Social media integration is also a key upcoming feature, so in-game screenshots from your connected Xbox accounts can be shared straight from the mobile app.

Xbox One UI Update Unified Devices
Xbox One UI Update – Unified Devices

Messages, launch parties and chat features will also be integrated into the mobile and PC experience.

Activities done on one device of the connected Xbox family will instantly update across the others.

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The community feature is an important aspect of Xbox gaming and the relevant pages have been overhauled.

One key aesthetic is that all posts are now the same size and the relevant content blocks have been improved with engagement features and shortcuts.

Xbox One UI Update Notifications
Xbox One UI Update – Improved Engagement Features

As the future of gaming becomes more and more diversified, cloud gaming has become more accessible to people with multiple devices.

Many people now have multiple devices such as mobiles, consoles and PCs, and an Xbox account can now be logged in to from as many devices as you need.

For example, your partner can watch Netflix on your upstairs account while you play on the downstairs account.

The improvements to the Xbox One UI are welcome since it has remained largely unchanged for some time.

Xbox One UI Update Game Store
Xbox One UI Update – Improved Games Store

Given that Microsoft develops its own mobile phones, have a great Android relationship and hold 51% of the PC market with Windows 10, now is a great time to address device unification.

This could give the Xbox brand a great user experience advantage as we move into the next generation.

Community is a key part of the experience for most gamers and something that Sony seems to have dropped the ball with.

For example, last year, Facebook support was removed from the PS4 image sharing feature.

Xbox One UI Update Xbox Game Pass
Xbox One UI Update – Improved Game Pass

Also, the PS4’s interface is slow and clunky.

That being said, we have yet to be given any details or images of the PlayStation 5 operating system.

One can only hope that given the machine’s impressive specs that the PS5 user experience has been greatly improved over the PS4.

The full Xbox family revamped UI is set to launch this holiday season when Xbox Series X is released.

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