Batman Shows Up In Games to Kick Off the Dark Knight’s 80th Birthday

6 free games showing Batman, along with a teaser by Warner Brother’s Montreal and a Batman collaboration with Fortnite kicked off Dark Knight’s 80th anniversary.

September 21st was designated as Batman Day to commemorate the publication of the first Batman issue in 1939 and the 80th anniversary of the Caped Crusader.

Free Batman video games were given away over the weekend, there was a teaser for a potential new Batman video game and Fortnite/Batman crossover. 

Six Batman games, including Arkham Knight, were given out for free by Epic Games to start the weekend’s festivities.

The festivities during the weekend didn’t stop there, however.

Catwoman may be purchased from the Epic Store, and additional things can be bought with money earned by completing Introduction to Gotham City missions.

A stunning new update to Fortnite introduces Gotham into the game in an awesome Batman crossover event:

The Fortnite Batman cross event was first uncovered by data miners searching the game’s files earlier this week, but Epic Games remained silent.

The update includes several skins and gadgets centered on Batman, as is expected, but what wasn’t anticipated was the addition of Catwoman.

The Dark Knight trilogy and a DC52 variation from the 52 series on Batman comic books served as the inspiration for the two Batman skins. According to the saying, a hero can only be as good as his antagonist, and intelligence indicates that the Joker is up to no good in Gotham.

Follow the Bat Signals across the island to collect the Batman items and begin your journey as the Caped Crusader.

The gadgets on offer include some of Batman’s most recognizable accessories, such as the Grapnel rifle and Batarangs, and cosmetics often found in loot boxes or supply drops.

WB Montreal had already released a new game teaser.

Valeria Vezina, a producer for the firm, was seen in December 2018 donning a T-shirt with the Court of Owls logo.

Miss Vezina initially brushed off reports of a new Batman game, but this latest gambit, together with the December tease, indicates that a new game is certainly in the works.

Although the original trilogy’s creators, Rocksteady, have said they won’t be creating a new game, WB MontrĂ©al has access to all the production tools.

The fantastic Arkham Origins, a follow-up to Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first game in the Rocksteady trilogy, was made by WB Montreal.

It is commonly known that WB Montreal performed almost as well as Rocksteady; therefore, it makes sense for them to create a new installment in the series.

Given the overt hint, I would anticipate learning formal information about the upcoming game fairly soon.

Unrelated to Batman Day news, reports about a brand-new Batman game have gone viral on social media and online forums.

Warner Bros. Montreal, the team behind Arkham Origins, tweeted a scary video showing a Bat Signal on such an office building.

At first glance, it may have been interpreted as a sign of deference, but with a closer investigation, it becomes apparent there are symbols hidden between the frames.

The Court of Owl and The Demon’s Head seem to be represented by the symbols.

The wealthiest citizens of Gotham make form the subversive and covert Court of Owls, a group that holds all the power.

Ra’s Al Ghul, the legendary warrior who leads The League of Shadows and one of Batman’s most formidable adversaries, is represented by The Demon’s Head.

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