10 of the Best Mods for Enter The Gungeon You Must Try

Does Enter the Gungeon have mods?

Yes. Enter the Gungeon is surprisingly mod-friendly, featuring hundreds of unique mods you can download and install for free online. You can choose from many mods, such as Item Mods, Custom Characters, and Expansion Mods, which should breathe new life into your Gungeon runs.

Enter the Gungeon’s developer –  Dodgeroll Games – openly supports third-party mods in Enter the Gungeon. The devs have even had a hand in developing Enter the Gungeon’s premiere mod-manager, Mod The Gungeon, to help make modding Enter the Gungeon easier and safer.

Unfortunately, only PC players will have access to mods for Enter the Gungeon. Console players do not have access to the Mod The Gungeon mod-manager or any third-party mods on consoles, which makes it impossible for console players to install third-party mods on their copy of the game. 

Types of Mods in Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon mods can feature one, some, or all five types of mods available for Enter the Gungeon. These are:

  • Expansion Mod – These mods feature Gungeon floors developed from scratch, new mechanics, stronger enemies, and other unique ways to play Enter the Gungeon.
  • Item Mod – Adds new items and weapons to the game. Items mods are the most common mod for Enter the Gungeon.
  • Utility Mod – adds new and unique UI or gameplay features to Enter the Gungeon to make it feel less janky.
  • Room Pack – Adds third-party developed rooms onto existing rooms in the Gungeon.
  • Custom Character – Adds a completely new Gungeoneer to the roster with their own unique quirks and starting weapons. 

You can easily download mods from the Enter the Gungeon section at the modworkshop website. A few of these mods, such as the Expansion Mod, can drastically change the way Enter the Gungeon is played by adding exciting new floors and mechanics.

It is worth noting that the Custom Character Mod and Room Pack both require a special pre-requisite mod called ‘Kyle’s Custom Room Mod’ to work properly.

How do you get Gungeon mod?

Enter the Gungeon players on the PC have access to hundreds of mods from the Enter the Gungeon section at the modworkshop.net website, and they can easily install any mod they like through the Mod The Gungeon app.

There are 64 Resource Mods, 18 Modding Tools, 21 Item Packs, 3 Semi Mods, 122 Contest Mods, and a whopping 238 Custom Characters that you can download and install into your copy of Enter the Gungeon on PC.

You will need Mod The Gungeon and a few other pre-requisite mods to make some of the mods work properly in Enter the Gungeon. Fortunately, most third-party mods will include installation instructions on the mod download page.

Best Mods for Enter the Gungeon

There are hundreds of unique mods for Enter the Gungeon just waiting to be found, downloaded, and installed. Nevertheless, some mods stand out from the rest due to the comprehensive list of new content they add to the game.

Custom Characters Mod

Custom Characters Mod by Kyle is a supporting mod that lets you drag and drop custom Gungeoneers that you have downloaded or created. This is a great mod if you want to play as a new and unique Gungeoneer in Enter the Gungeon.

The mod does not automatically install new characters into the game. Instead, Custom Characters Mod adds an easy-to-use method of switching Gungeoneers in-game through console commands.

The Custom Characters Mod also adds a new NPC into the game named Franseis, who can randomize your Gungeoneer’s loadout and stats. A character randomizer Shrine will also be available in The Breach, so you can start your Gungeon run with a random Gungeoneer. 

Custom Characters Mod by Kyle (Custom Characters)

ExpandTheGungeon Mod

The ExpandTheGungeon Mod is a great third-party Expansion Mod that adds three new secret floors, Glitch Chests, custom rooms, Glitch Floors, and a host of custom items, among a laundry list of custom content.

If you want to revamp your Gungeon runs in Enter the Gungeon, The ExpandTheGungeon Mod will add an exciting new set of content that will completely change your Enter the Gungeon experience.

ExpandTheGungeon Mod by Apache Thunder (Expansion Mod)

Custom Items Collection

The Custom Items Collection was previously an exclusive item pack for a custom character named ‘The Afflicted.’

The mod’s author, Retrash, has since released a standalone version that includes all forty-one new items and eight guns that come complete with unique Synergies.

The best part? You can use the Custom Items Collection in conjunction with Kyle’s Custom Characters Mod to give your custom character any of the available items or guns featured in this mod.

Custom Items Collection by Retrash (Item Mod)

Item Tips Mod

Figuring out how an item or gun works in Enter the Gungeon will come down to trial and error – you’ll never know how a gun or item works in-game without actually looking up the weapon or item’s effects in the Official Enter the Gungeon Wiki.

The Item Tips Mod fixes this problem by adding onscreen tips for passive items, active items, and guns in Enter the Gungeon. This mod will automatically display your Item/Gun’s Name, its Rank, and a short description of various status effects and Synergies.

This mod works perfectly with other custom items packs as well. So if you have the Custom Items Collection installed, the Item Tips Mod will also display custom descriptions for all forty-one items and eight guns from that mod.

Item Tips Mod by scionofmemory (Utility Mod)

Simple Stats

If the Item Tips Mod displays Item and Weapon descriptions, tips, and stats, the Simple Stats mod by Kyle keeps things simple by listing essential weapon, item, and character stats.

The list of stats includes:

  • Speed
  • Rate of Fire
  • Spread
  • Heart Containers
  • Coolness
  • Damage
  • Reload Time
  • Curse
  • Clip Size
  • Extra Per-floor Blanks
  • Boss Damage
  • Range
  • Roll Distance
  • Roll Time
  • Money Drop Multiplier

On paper, the Simple Stats mod provides a set of onscreen information similar to the Item Tips Mod. But these two mods complement each other more than compete against one another.

The Simple Stats mod offers a quick and easy way to determine your current item/weapon’s stats, while the Item Tips mod tells you how the weapon works and what Synergies it has with other items in the Gungeon. Together, they provide valuable information that would typically not be available in-game.

Simple Stats by Kyle (Utility Mod)

Once More Into The Breach

Once More Into The Breach easily falls into the Expansion Mods category for Enter the Gungeon, thanks to its massive catalog of new weapons, active items, passive items, Synergies, companions, and lots of other third-party content.

As for in-game characters, you get to play a challenging new character named The Shade, who can only take one hit before dying. Other in-game characters include a host of new NPCs and a new Jammed game mode.

Nevernamed sought to breathe new life into every player’s Gungeon runs with this mod. With the amount of new content that his mod adds to Enter the Gungeon, he’s undoubtedly accomplished just that.

Once More Into The Breach by Nevernamed (Expansion Mod/Item Mod/Custom Character)

Kyle’s Custom Item Pack

The 24-item list featured in Kyle’s Custom Item Pack will probably leave you wanting more after looking at the Once More Into The Breach’s item list. Nevertheless, there are some interesting item additions in Kyle’s Custom Item Pack that are worth the look.

One of the more interesting items in Kyle’s Custom Item Pack is the Sweating Bullets, which, while active, will triple your gun’s damage but reduce your health to just one hit. Another great item in this custom item pack is the Cursed Ring, which disables the boss DPS cap.

Kyle’s Custom Item Pack by Kyle (Item Mod)


Prismatism is another custom items pack that adds a collection of new items and guns to Enter the Gungeon. This custom items pack features four new Synergies, and fifty-two new items (both passive and active)

Some notable items included in this custom items pack include the Medal of Bravery, which increases your damage for each enemy you are currently fighting, and the powerful Mythril Bullets, which increases damage and boss damage by “a lot.”

Prismatism by blazeykat (Item Mod)

The Lich v1.5 (Custom Character & Items)

Someone was eventually going to do it – The Lich v1.5 is a third-party Custom Character mod that adds the game’s final boss as a playable character in Enter the Gungeon.

As expected from a boss-level character turned playable Gungeoneer, the Lich starts with a powerful weapon similar to the Oringuni or Remote Bullets: The Lich’s Gun. The rest of the Lich’s loadout includes the Lich’s Book and the Cross Chamber, which increases reload speed and spawns a defensive companion, respectively.

The Lich v1.5 (Custom Character & Items) by rabana13 (Custom Character)

Special API’s Stuff – Items, Bosses, Shrines

SpecialAPI’s Item Mod features a long list of new and exciting items, Shrines, and a custom boss that you can add to Enter the Gungeon.

This mod has a very interesting item in Lich’s Faithful Gun, which automatically applies all possible Synergies to every item in the player’s inventory, making it the complete opposite of Lich’s Eye Bullets.

Another unique item in this custom items pack is the Gungeon Compass, which lets you choose from a selection of search objects. After choosing an item, the Gungeon Compass will create an arrow above the player’s head that will point towards the exact location of the selected item.

SpecialAPI’s Stuff – Items, Bosses, Shrines by SpecialAPI (Item Mod/Expansion Mod)


Most of the mods above can add exciting new bosses, floors, characters, and items to Enter the Gungeon, which, after the A Farewell To Arms update, will no longer receive any additional content from Dodgeroll Games.

If you’re looking for a mod that can give you a renewed feeling of novelty in Enter the Gungeon, try out the Once More Into The Breach mod by Nevernamed, which should add a new character, and a host of new items, guns, and Synergies to Enter the Gungeon.

While there won’t be any new updates for Enter the Gungeon, players and fans can easily turn to third-party mods to keep their Gungeon runs fresh and exciting once again.

The randomness of Gungeon runs and the sheer amount of additional content you can get from the modding community will definitely help keep Enter the Gungeon kicking for years to come.

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