Enter the Gungeon – Bullet Time

What does the Bullet Time do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Bullet Time is a D-rank active item that will slow down time for everything except your movement speed, firing, and reload speed in the Gungeon. Upon use, the Bullet Time will slow everything else down by 70%, which makes landing your shots more consistent and evading enemy bullets easier.

Is the Bullet Time a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Bullet Time is a very good item that can help you land more consistent shots with any gun in the Gungeon. Since Bullet Time does not affect your movement, firing, and reloading speeds, using guns with long wind-up times and landing clean with them will become easier. Of course, the fact that enemies move much slower also helps with aim and evasion.

Best Synergy for the Bullet Time in Enter The Gungeon

Bullet Time has two Synergies – Bluer Guon Stone and Thrown For A Bloop.

Bluer Guon Stone

If you have the Bullet Time and the Blue Guon Stone in your inventory, the Bluer Guon Stone Synergy will become active.

Bluer Guon Stone will increase the Blue Guon Stone’s size and rotation speed. In addition, the Blue Guon Stone will rotate at a fixed rate around you instead of adjusting to your new position after a slight delay.

Thrown For A Bloop

The Blooper and the Bullet Time can combine to activate a Synergy called Throw For A Bloop.

Thrown For A Bloop will cause a Blooper to spawn whenever Bullet Time is active. Like the Blue Guon Stone, the Blooper will orbit you and fire automatically at nearby enemies.

How to Use the Bullet Time in Enter The Gungeon?

Bullet Time is an active item which means you have to manually activate the item in the Gungeon to use its effects. Upon activation, Bullet Time will slow down everything ala The Matrix, which significantly improves your ability to aim and dodge while the item is active.

Previously, the Bullet Time would slow enemy movement speeds and bullet speed down by 70%. Your own movement speed would be affected as well, but not as much as it did with enemies. Instead, you will move around 40-50% slower for the duration.

Fortunately, after an unlisted buff on the Bullet Time, the devs removed the player slow effect, which made the item just a little bit more valuable for a D-rank item.

Use the Bullet Time in more advanced rooms with tons of enemies to give yourself a breather. The slow effect it inflicts on enemy movement speed and bullet speed should help you clear congested rooms with ease.


Overall, the D-rank Bullet Time is not a bad item to have in the Gungeon. Its low rank means you’ll encounter the item more often, which means you can stock up on at least one of these items in your Gungeon runs.

Bullet Time’s Synergies are decent enough and should help give you a reliable damage source to help clear rooms around the Gungeon.

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