Enter the Gungeon – Lil Bomber

What does the Lil Bomber do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Lil Bomber is a D-rank gun that fires bombs instead of normal bullets. The bombs that Lil Bomber shoots out can bounce off solid objects around the Gungeon and explode as soon as they make contact with enemies. The explosions can destroy enemy bullets and open secret rooms as well.

Is the Lil Bomber a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

For a D-rank gun, Lil Bomber can deal a decent amount of damage to enemies in the Gungeon.

There are two damage sources in the Lil Bomber’s projectile – Impact damage and Explosion damage. Combined, these two damage sources can deal as much as 40 damage, which is pretty high considering the gun’s low rank.

It also helps that Lil Bomber has some powerful Synergies that can further increase the gun’s damage output and effects.

Best Synergy for the Lil Bomber in Enter The Gungeon

Lil Bomber has three Synergies with other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – Bomberpal, King Bomber, and Super Bomberpal.


Bomberpal is a Synergy between the Lil Bomber and the Bomb. Combined, these two guns/items will activate the Bomberpal Synergy, which buffs the Lil Bomber significantly.

Bomberpal will cause Lil Bomber to shoot two bombs instead of one. In addition, the gun will charge two times faster and have a 40% faster reload time.

King Bomber (Best Synergy)

If you have the Lil Bomber and Gilded Bullets/Coin Crown/Crown of Guns, the King Bomber Synergy between these guns/items will become active.

King Bomber will turn the Lil Bomber’s bombs into gold and cause it to spawn 5-9 bronze shells whenever they hit an enemy.

Super Bomberpal

The Lil Bomber can Synergize with the Ice Bomb to activate the Super Bomberpal Synergy.

Super Bomberpal will give the Lil Bomber all the benefits of the Bomberpal Synergy (additional bomb, faster charge and reload speed.) but adds a blue-colored explosion.

How to Use the Lil Bomber in Enter The Gungeon?

Since the Lil Bomber is a charged gun in Enter the Gungeon, you’re going to need to know how to dodge and move while shooting so you don’t get caught by enemies between shots.

Lil Bomber will take a while to fire between shots and the reload speeds aren’t exactly great. Nevertheless, Lil Bomber’s damage potential is decently high for a D-rank gun, but you will need to dodge and move around between shots to maximize its damage potential.

Feel free to use the Lil Bomber’s bombs to open secret rooms as well, and don’t forget about the Lil Bomber’s ability to destroy enemy bullets with its bomb explosions.


The Lil Bomber is a very good D-rank gun that benefits a ton from great movement in Enter the Gungeon. The Lil Bomber’s Synergies, however, take it to the next level and further increase the gun’s damage capabilities in-game.

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