Enter the Gungeon – Macho Brace

What does the Macho Brace do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Macho Brace is a C-rank passive item that gives your guns a special buff after dodge rolling in Enter the Gungeon. Dodge Rolling with the Macho Brace equipped will cause you to glow yellow for 0.5 seconds and give your gun’s first shot a 30% damage buff.

The Macho Brace is great for dealing extra damage after dodging those pesky bullets in rooms around the Gungeon. The 30% damage buff should help you deal more damage on lesser enemies in-game.

Is the Macho Brace a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Macho Brace is an okay item in Enter the Gungeon. In general, any item that gives you bonus damage in Enter the Gungeon is going to be very useful for clearing rooms and dealing more damage to bosses.

However, the Macho Brace only has a 0.5-second effect window, and the 30% damage buff only applies to your first shot, which makes the bonus damage buff barely noticeable in the grand scheme of room-clearing.

Best Synergy for the Macho Brace in Enter The Gungeon

The Macho Brace only has one Synergy in Enter the Gungeon – Blunderbrace.


The Macho Brace and Blunderbuss can combine to activate the Blunderbrace Synergy in Enter the Gungeon. The Synergy primarily affects the Blunderbuss, and gives it bigger and faster bullets while reducing its charge time.

How to Use the Macho Brace in Enter The Gungeon?

The Macho Brace is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon. However, its effects are tied to one of the most important movement mechanics in the game – Dodge Rolling.

Since the Macho Brace’s effects last for just 0.5-seconds after Dodge Rolling, just remember to shoot immediately after Dodge Rolling to maximize the 30% damage buff it provides. However, don’t prioritize the buff window too much, as dodging away from incoming bullets and avoiding damage takes utmost importance in the Gungeon.

The Macho Brace’s damage buff only applies to your first shot after Dodge Rolling, making it just an okay item that lets you deal bonus damage every for a short time after dodge rolling. Guns with high single-bullet damage will benefit from the Macho Brace the most.


If you do not have any other passive item in your inventory, then feel free to equip the Macho Brace to get the 30% damage buff post-Dodge Roll. Otherwise, you’re better off using a different passive item that provides even stronger buffs.

The Macho Brace is let down by its single-shot buff. And while the damage increase might seem huge, your DPS won’t change too much as having something like +1 Bullets in your inventory.

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