Disco LTM and 2 Launcher Weapons Join Fortnite Patch 6.02 Update

Get Down: Dancing LTM Capture Mode and  Two fresh launchers give Fortnite some groovy touch this Week.

Fortnite Patch 6.02’s release has turned Fortnite Battle Royale into a bit of a funky mood as it came along with two fresh features: 

Both Save the World and Battle Royale modes provide access to this material.

There is a ton of adjustments and bug fixes as well.

This week, 2 very potent weapons were introduced. Grab your own and let loose:

Launch an attack of four explosive missiles with the powerful Quad Launcher to cause four times the destruction.

The Quad Launcher, found in chests, vending machines, and supply drops, comes in Epic and Legendary versions and provides 84 basic damage per rocket across a 300-unit explosion radius.

The new Disco Domination Limited-Time Mode is already strutting its thing in Battle Royale Mode, so go crazy with it:

Defeat an opposing team in a disco dancing competition to lift the disco ball to the ceiling after clearing the dance floor of all enemies: The round is won by the team that fills their meter first. There are 5 dance floors in all that need to be completed.

It’s time for the best dancing competition. Throughout Battle Royale island, dance floors have sprouted everywhere. Take control of them by eliminating all opposition before dancing to lift a disco ball off the ground. The winning side will be the one who captures and successfully defends all of the dance floors the quickest.

There isn’t much going on in Fortnite this week, but the new items and LTM will undoubtedly offer some excitement during the next week.

With the Noble Launcher, use a charged energy beam to destroy large groups of adversaries.

The Noble Launcher, which is accessible until October 17th, launches two types of a powerful energy waves, which can be accessed through the Save the World Mode:

In Save the World Mode, you may utilize the Noble Launcher.

This week, gamers may strut their thing to raise the disco ball as part of a uniquely groovy Capture objective at LTM.

Come down and have fun this week. As your team members dance to raise the disco ball, stand up for them!

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