Grab As Much Free GTA Money As You Can on Holiday Week

For today’s GTA Online weekly update, there’s a big money bonus week where you can receive a lot of free GTA cash. There are also other incentives and discounts:

Biker Bonuses
Come in All Shapes and Sizes Command Center Discounts Property Discounts
There are, of course, the normal double-money bonuses and automobile discounts.

Note: all GTA cash will be deposited into your in-game Labyrinth Bank account.

Security details and assistants will be getting “double pay” for during the holiday week as well.

In addition, you may earn 2X currency by participating in certain Adversary Modes:

Jogging (Remix)
Sumo – the Japanese martial art (Remix)

There are also enormous advantages for the diligent ones since all Biker assignments (including Bike Business) give out twice as much GTA Online money:

These can all sum up to bags of money for your crime syndicate this week, so buckle up, and grab some green!!!

Maze Bank Foreclosures is having a property sale bonanza this week with discounts on Executive Offices, Nightclubs, and more, plus Warstock Cache & is having a clearance sale on surplus military aircraft. Legendary Motorsports and Southern San Andreas Super Autos have sales on Supercars and Sports Classics.

Discounts on Real Estate

This week, practically all in-game properties are on sale, so get that stunning piece of real estate you’ve always wanted:

Discounts on Aircraft

With reductions on some of GTA Online’s most formidable aerial warfare equipment, you can maintain air domination over your other competitions.

Discounts on Vehicles
Exclusive offers on some of the game’s fastest and most attractive sports vehicles are being offered by auto dealers around Los Angeles.

If that’s not enough, take advantage of this week’s massive discount of 50% off the Mammoth Avenger aerial Command Center (required) and 40% off the new Benefactor Terrorbyte Central Hub for Client Employment from (Nightclub and Terrorbyte garage needed).

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