GTA Online Debuts with Holiday Clothing for the Christmas Season

Lots of bonuses this week, including double GTA Online cash, unlocked exclusive apparel, and comfortable clothing to kick off this year’s holiday season in GTA Online.

Pegassi Toros
Being the kind to make grandiose claims, Pegassi returns with a luxury car hybrid almost as swift as the Soccer Mamas, who will ultimately drive it.
The brand-new Pegassi Toros is equipped with an excellent car engine but also has the space and comfort of an SUV.

When you drive the Toros, you will understand why combining the speed and acceleration of a sports car with a practical vehicle could seem, to put it mildly, psychological.

It has all the customization choices you would undoubtedly expect and it doesn’t let you down.

With the Pegassi Toros, there is something for everyone, whether you’re the road-hogging, highly ready-to-drink monster everyone loves to despise or the hyper-speed-loving lunatic. The Pegassi Emblem fixed up front divider adds traction to the car. The upper and lower spoiler combos at the rear of this charm.

The Pegassi Toros is available from Legendary Motorsports for a mere $498,000.

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